Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form S-1/A on 07/21/1998
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          (b) In the event of the dissolution and liquidation of the
Partnership, all receipts received during or after the Quarter in which the
Liquidation Date occurs (other than from borrowings described in (a) (ii) of the
definition of Available Cash) shall be applied and distributed solely in
accordance with, and subject to the terms and conditions of, Section 12.4.

          (c) The General Partner shall have the discretion to treat taxes paid
by the Partnership on behalf of, or amounts withheld with respect to, all or
less than all of the Partners, as a distribution of Available Cash to such

                                   ARTICLE VII

      7.1 MANAGEMENT.

          (a) The General Partner shall conduct, direct and manage all
activities of the Partnership.  Except as otherwise expressly provided in this
Agreement, all management powers over the business and affairs of the
Partnership shall be exclusively vested in the General Partner, and neither the
Limited Partner nor any Assignee shall have any management power over the
business and affairs of the Partnership.  In addition to the powers now or
hereafter granted a general partner of a limited partnership under applicable
law or which are granted to the General Partner under any other provision of
this Agreement, the General Partner, subject to Section 7.3, shall have full
power and authority to do all things and on such terms as it, in its sole
discretion, may deem necessary or appropriate to conduct the business of the
Partnership, to exercise all powers set forth in Section 2.5 and to effectuate
the purposes set forth in Section 2.4, including the following:

          (i) the making of any expenditures, the lending or borrowing of money,
the assumption or guarantee of, or other contracting for, indebtedness and other
liabilities, the issuance of evidences of indebtedness, including indebtedness
that is convertible into Partnership Securities, and the incurring of any other

          (ii) the making of tax, regulatory and other filings, or rendering of
periodic or other reports to governmental or other agencies having jurisdiction
over the business or assets of the Partnership;

          (iii) the acquisition, disposition, mortgage, pledge, encumbrance,
hypothecation or exchange of any or all of the assets of the Partnership or the
merger or other combination of the Partnership with or into another Person (the
matters in this clause (iii) being subject, however, to any prior approval that
may be required by Section 7.3);

          (iv) the use of the assets of the Partnership (including cash on hand)
for any purpose consistent with the terms of this Agreement, including the
financing of the conduct of the operations of the Partnership Group; subject to
Section 7.6(a), the lending of funds to other Persons (including the MLP); the
repayment of obligations of the MLP or any member of the Partnership Group; and
the making of capital contributions to any member of the Partnership Group;