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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form S-1/A on 07/21/1998
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on the other from the offering of the Units or (ii) if the allocation provided
by clause (i) above is not permitted by applicable law, in such proportion as is
appropriate to reflect not only the relative benefits referred to in clause (i)
above but also the relative fault of the Enterprise Parties, on the one hand,
and the Underwriters on the other, with respect to the statements or omissions
which resulted in such loss, claim, damage or liability, or action in respect
thereof, as well as any other relevant equitable considerations. The relative
benefits received by the Enterprise Parties, on the one hand, and the
Underwriters on the other, with respect to such offering shall be deemed to be
in the same proportion as the total net proceeds from the offering of the Units
purchased under this Agreement (before deducting expenses) received by the
Company, on the one hand, and the total underwriting discounts and commissions
received by the Underwriters with respect to the Units purchased under this
Agreement, on the other hand, bear to the total gross proceeds from the offering
of the Units under this Agreement, in each case as set forth in the table on the
cover page of the Prospectus. The relative fault shall be determined by
reference to whether the untrue or alleged untrue statement of a material fact
or omission or alleged omission to state a material fact relates to information
supplied by the Enterprise Parties or the Underwriters, the intent of the
parties and their relative knowledge, access to information and opportunity to
correct or prevent such statement or omission. The Enterprise Parties and the
Underwriters agree that it would not be just and equitable if contributions
pursuant to this Section 8 were to be determined by pro rata allocation (even if
the Underwriters were treated as one entity for such purpose) or by any other
method of allocation which does not take into account the equitable
considerations referred to herein. The amount paid or payable by an indemnified
party as a result of the loss, claim, damage or liability, or action in respect
thereof, referred to above in this Section 8 shall be deemed to include, for
purposes of this Section 8(d), any legal or other expenses reasonably incurred
by such indemnified party in connection with investigating or defending any such
action or claim. Notwithstanding the provisions of this Section 8(d), no
Underwriter shall be required to contribute any amount in excess of the amount
by which the total price at which the Units underwritten by it and distributed
to the public was offered to the public exceeds the amount of any damages which
such Underwriter has otherwise paid or becomes liable to pay by reason of any
untrue or alleged untrue statement or omission or alleged omission. No person
guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation (within the meaning of Section 11(f) of
the Securities Act) shall be entitled to contribution from any person who was
not guilty of such fraudulent misrepresentation. The Underwriters' obligations
to contribute as provided in this Section 8(d) are several in proportion to
their respective underwriting obligations and not joint.

                (e) The Underwriters severally confirm and the Enterprise
Parties acknowledge that the statements with respect to the public offering of
the Units by the Underwriters set forth on the cover page of, the stabilization
legend on the inside front cover page of, information in the chart in the first
paragraph under the caption "Underwriting", the concession and reallowance
figures appearing in the second paragraph under the caption "Underwriting" and
the statements in the seventh and fifteenth paragraphs under the caption
"Underwriting" in the Prospectus are correct and constitute the only information
concerning such Underwriters furnished in writing to the Company by or on behalf
of the Underwriters specifically for inclusion in the Registration Statement and
the Prospectus.