Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form S-1/A on 07/21/1998
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distributions to the General Partner or its Affiliates (including in their
capacities as Limited Partners) to exceed 1% of the total amount distributed
to all partners or (B) hasten the expiration of the Subordination Period or
the conversion of any Subordinated Units into Common Units.
  (c) Whenever a particular transaction, arrangement or resolution of a
conflict of interest is required under this Agreement to be "fair and
reasonable" to any Person, the fair and reasonable nature of such transaction,
arrangement or resolution shall be considered in the context of all similar or
related transactions.
  (d) The Unitholders hereby authorize the General Partner, on behalf of the
Partnership as a partner or member of a Group Member, to approve of actions by
the general partner or managing member of such Group Member similar to those
actions permitted to be taken by the General Partner pursuant to this Section
  7.10 Other Matters Concerning the General Partner.
  (a) The General Partner may rely and shall be protected in acting or
refraining from acting upon any resolution, certificate, statement,
instrument, opinion, report, notice, request, consent, order, bond, debenture
or other paper or document believed by it to be genuine and to have been
signed or presented by the proper party or parties.
  (b) The General Partner may consult with legal counsel, accountants,
appraisers, management consultants, investment bankers and other consultants
and advisers selected by it, and any act taken or omitted to be taken in
reliance upon the opinion (including an Opinion of Counsel) of such Persons as
to matters that the General Partner reasonably believes to be within such
Person's professional or expert competence shall be conclusively presumed to
have been done or omitted in good faith and in accordance with such opinion.
  (c) The General Partner shall have the right, in respect of any of its
powers or obligations hereunder, to act through any of its duly authorized
officers, a duly appointed attorney or attorneys-in-fact or the duly
authorized officers of the Partnership. Each such attorney shall, to the
extent provided by the General Partner in the power of attorney, have full
power and authority to do and perform each and every act and duty that is
permitted or required to be done by the General Partner hereunder.
  (d) Any standard of care and duty imposed by this Agreement or under the
Delaware Act or any applicable law, rule or regulation shall be modified,
waived or limited, to the extent permitted by law, as required to permit the
General Partner to act under this Agreement or any other agreement
contemplated by this Agreement and to make any decision pursuant to the
authority prescribed in this Agreement, so long as such action is reasonably
believed by the General Partner to be in, or not inconsistent with, the best
interests of the Partnership.
  7.11 Purchase or Sale of Partnership Securities. The General Partner may
cause the Partnership to purchase or otherwise acquire Partnership Securities;
provided that, except as permitted pursuant to Section 4.10, the General
Partner may not cause any Group Member to purchase Subordinated Units during
the Subordination Period. As long as Partnership Securities are held by any
Group Member, such Partnership Securities shall not be considered Outstanding
for any purpose, except as otherwise provided herein. The General Partner or
any Affiliate of the General Partner may also purchase or otherwise acquire
and sell or otherwise dispose of Partnership Securities for its own account,
subject to the provisions of Articles IV and X.
  7.12 Registration Rights of the General Partner and its Affiliates.
  (a) If (i) the General Partner or any Affiliate of the General Partner
(including for purposes of this Section 7.12, any Person that is an Affiliate
of the General Partner at the date hereof notwithstanding that it may later
cease to be an Affiliate of the General Partner) holds Partnership Securities
that it desires to sell and (ii) Rule 144 of the Securities Act (or any
successor rule or regulation to Rule 144) or another exemption from
registration is not available to enable such holder of Partnership Securities
(the "Holder") to dispose of the number of Partnership Securities it desires
to sell at the time it desires to do so without registration under the
Securities Act, then upon the request of the General Partner or any of its
Affiliates, the Partnership shall file with the Commission as promptly as
practicable after receiving such request, and use all reasonable efforts to
cause to become effective and remain effective for a period of not less than
six months following its effective date or such shorter period as shall
terminate when all Partnership Securities covered by such registration
statement have been sold, a registration statement under the Securities Act
registering the offering and sale of the number of