Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

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TEPPCO PARTNERS LP filed this Form 10-Q on 05/06/1997
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number of L.P. Units equal to the number of Incentive Units credited to the
Participant for the Plan Year.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the case of a
Participant who is not an Eligible Employee for any portion of a Partnership
fiscal quarter covered by a Plan Year (other than on account of termination
after TEPPCO employment by reason of death, disability or retirement under a
retirement plan in which TEPPCO participates), such Participant shall not
receive credit for any distributions paid by the Partnership with respect to
such fiscal quarter.


         A.      A Participant's Award Amount for a Plan Year shall be paid in
a cash lump sum, subject to withholding for taxes and other lawful purposes, as
of February 15 following the close of the Plan Year (except that if February 15
is not a business day, the first succeeding business day).

         B.      If a Participant dies before payment of an unforfeited Award
Amount, such unpaid Award Amount shall be paid to the Participant's surviving
spouse, or if no surviving spouse exists, to the Participant's estate or legal


         A.       No Participant or any other person shall have any interest in
TEPPCO, the Partnership, TE Products Pipeline Company, Limited Partnership, or
PanEnergy, any fund or in any specific asset or assets of TEPPCO, the
Partnership, TE Products Pipeline Company, Limited Partnership, or PanEnergy by
reason of participation in the Plan.  No Participant shall have the right to
assign, pledge or otherwise dispose of or otherwise encumber any Plan benefit,
nor shall such Participant's contingent interest in such benefit be subject to
garnishment, attachment, transfer by