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TEPPCO PARTNERS LP filed this Form 10-Q on 05/06/1997
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V.       AWARDS

         A.      During April of the 1997 Plan Year, and during January of each
subsequent Plan Year, the Committee shall determine the sustainable Earnings
Level, the Attainable Earnings Level and the Stretch Earnings Level, each with
a corresponding number of Incentive Units, that shall apply to each Participant
for such Plan Year, and shall cause such information to be communicated to such
Participants.  Following the end of a Plan Year and the public announcement of
the Partnership's net income for the Partnership's fiscal year coinciding with
the Plan Year, the Committee shall credit each Participant for the Plan Year
who is an Eligible Employee as of the last day of such Plan Year with the
appropriate number of Incentive Units, determined on the basis of which one, if
any, of the Sustainable, Attainable or Stretch Earnings Levels has been
achieved by such net income.  For purposes of the preceding sentence, a
Participant who ceases to be an Eligible Employee on account of death,
disability or retirement under a retirement plan in which TEPPCO participates,
nevertheless, shall be deemed to be an  Eligible Employee as of the last day of
such Plan Year.

         B.      The Committee shall credit each Participant for a Plan Year
with an Award Amount for the Plan Year equal to the dollar amount produced by
multiplying the total number of Incentive Units credited to such participant
for such Plan Year times the total quarterly cash distributions paid by the
Partnership on one (1) L.P. Unit with respect to the Partnership's fiscal
quarters covered by such Plan Year.  It is intended that the resulting monetary
amount will be substantially equivalent to the total distributions that would
have been paid by the Partnership to the Participant had the Participant been
the owner during the respective period of a