Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

SEC Filings

SC 13G/A
FLETCHER ASSET MANAGEMENT INC filed this Form SC 13G/A on 02/14/2005
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Item 1(a).        Name of Issuer:
----------        ---------------

                  GulfTerra Energy Partners, LP

Item 1(b).        Address of Issuer's Principal Executive Offices:
----------        ------------------------------------------------

                  4 Greenway Plaza
                  Houston, Texas 77046

Item 2(a).        Names of Persons Filing:
----------        ------------------------

                  Fletcher Asset Management, Inc. ("FAM") and
                  Alphonse Fletcher, Jr.

Item 2(b).        Address of Principal Business Office or, if none, Residence:
----------        ------------------------------------------------------------

                  HSBC Tower, 29th Floor
                  452 Fifth Avenue
                  New York, New York 10018

Item 2(c).        Citizenship:
----------        ------------

                  FAM is a corporation organized under the laws of the State
                  of Delaware.  Alphonse Fletcher, Jr. is a citizen of the
                  United States.

Item 2(d).        Title of Class of Securities:
----------        -----------------------------

                  Common Unit

Item 2(e).        CUSIP Number:
----------        -------------


Item 3.           If this statement is filed pursuant to Rule 13d-1(b), or
-------           Rule 13d-2(b) or (c), check whether the person filing is a:

         (a)      [  ]   Broker or dealer registered under Section 15 of the
                         Exchange Act;

         (b)      [  ]   Bank as defined in Section 3(a)(6) of the Exchange Act;

         (c)      [  ]   Insurance company as defined in Section 3(a)(19) of the
                         Exchange Act;

         (d)      [  ]   Investment company registered under Section 8 of the
                         Investment Company Act;

         (e)      [X ]   An investment adviser in accordance with
                         Rule 13d-1(b)(1)(ii)(E);

         (f)      [  ]   An employee benefit plan or endowment fund in
                         accordance with Rule 13d-1(b)(1)(ii)(F);

         (g)      [X]    A parent holding company or control person in
                         accordance with Rule 13d-1(b)(ii)(G);

         (h)      [  ]   A savings association as defined in Section 3(b) of the
                         Federal Deposit Insurance Act;

         (i)      [  ]   A church plan that is excluded from the definition of
                         an investment company under Section 3(c)(14) of the
                         Investment Company Act; or