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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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Our construction of new assets is subject to operational, regulatory, environmental, political, legal and economic risks, which may result in delays, increased costs or decreased cash flows.

One of the ways we intend to grow our business is through the construction of new midstream energy infrastructure assets.  The construction of new assets involves numerous operational, regulatory, environmental, political, legal and economic risks beyond our control and may require the expenditure of significant amounts of capital.  These potential risks include, among other things, the following:
we may be unable to complete construction projects on schedule or at the budgeted cost due to the unavailability of required construction personnel or materials, accidents, weather conditions or an inability to obtain necessary permits;

we will not receive any material increase in operating cash flows until the project is completed, even though we may have expended considerable funds during the construction phase, which may be prolonged;

we may construct facilities to capture anticipated future production growth in a region in which such growth does not materialize;

since we are not engaged in the exploration for and development of crude oil or natural gas reserves, we may not have access to third party estimates of reserves in an area prior to our constructing facilities in the area.  As a result, we may construct facilities in an area where the reserves are materially lower than we anticipate;

in those situations where we do rely on third party reserve estimates in making a decision to construct assets, these estimates may prove inaccurate;

the completion or success of our construction project may depend on the completion of a third party construction project (e.g., a downstream crude oil refinery expansion or construction of a new petrochemical facility) that we do not control and that may be subject to numerous of its own potential risks, delays and complexities; and

we may be unable to obtain rights-of-way to construct additional pipelines or the cost to do so may be uneconomical.

A materialization of any of these risks could adversely affect our ability to achieve growth in the level of our cash flows or realize benefits from expansion opportunities or construction projects, which could impact the level of cash distributions we pay to partners.

Several of our assets have been in service for many years and require significant expenditures to maintain them. As a result, our maintenance or repair costs may increase in the future.

Our pipelines, terminals and storage assets are generally long-lived assets, and many of them have been in service for many years. The age and condition of our assets could result in increased maintenance or repair expenditures in the future. Any significant increase in these expenditures could adversely affect our results of operations, financial position or cash flows, as well as our ability to make cash distributions to our unitholders.