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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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With respect to our TE Products Pipeline, the pipeline’s most significant competitors are third party pipelines in the areas where it delivers products.  Competition among common carrier pipelines is based primarily on transportation fees, quality of customer service and proximity to end users.  Trucks, barges and railroads competitively deliver products into some of the markets served by our TE Products Pipeline and river terminals.  The TE Products Pipeline also faces competition from rail and pipeline movements of NGLs from Canada and waterborne imports into terminals located along the upper East Coast.

Our marine transportation business competes with other inland marine transportation companies as well as providers of other modes of transportation, such as rail tank cars, tractor-trailer tank trucks and, to a limited extent, pipelines.  Competition within the marine transportation business is largely based on performance and price.


Although the majority of our businesses are not materially affected by seasonality, certain aspects of our operations are impacted by seasonal changes such as tropical weather events, energy demand in connection with heating and cooling requirements and for the summer driving season.  Examples include:

Our operations along the Gulf Coast, including our Mont Belvieu facility, may be affected by weather events such as hurricanes and tropical storms, which generally arise during the summer and fall months.

Residential demand for natural gas typically peaks during the winter months in connection with heating needs and during the summer months for power generation for air conditioning. These seasonal trends affect throughput volumes on our natural gas pipelines and associated natural gas storage levels and marketing results.

Due to increased demand for fuel additives used in the production of motor gasoline, our isomerization and octane enhancement businesses experience higher levels of demand during the summer driving season, which typically occurs in the spring and summer months.  Likewise, shipments of refined products and normal butane experience similar changes in demand due to their use in motor fuels.

Extreme temperatures and ice during the winter months can negatively affect our trucking and inland marine operations on the upper Mississippi and Illinois rivers.

Title to Properties

Our real property holdings fall into two basic categories: (i) parcels that we and our unconsolidated affiliates own in fee (e.g., we own the land upon which our Mont Belvieu NGL fractionators are constructed) and (ii) parcels in which our interests and those of our affiliates are derived from leases, easements, rights-of-way, permits or licenses from landowners or governmental authorities permitting the use of such land for our operations.  The fee sites upon which our significant facilities are located have been owned by us or our predecessors in title for many years without any material challenge known to us relating to title to the land upon which the assets are located, and we believe that we have satisfactory title to such fee sites.  We and our affiliates have no knowledge of any material challenge to the underlying fee title of any material lease, easement, right-of-way, permit or license held by us or to our rights pursuant to any material lease, easement, right-of-way, permit or license, and we believe that we have satisfactory rights pursuant to all of our material leases, easements, rights-of-way, permits and licenses.