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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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The TE Products Pipeline system includes five non-regulated refined products truck terminals and 18.5 MMBbls of refined products storage capacity.  In addition, the system includes 3.7 MMBbls of NGL storage capacity, the assets of which are accounted for under our NGL Pipelines & Services business segment.

The TE Products Pipeline is subject to federal regulation.  See “Regulatory Matters” within this Part I, Item 1 and 2 discussion for additional information regarding governmental oversight of liquids pipelines, including tariffs charged for transportation services.

We own a 50% equity interest in the Centennial Pipeline, which is a 795-mile refined products pipeline that extends from Beaumont, Texas to Bourbon, Illinois.  The Centennial Pipeline includes a refined products storage terminal located near Creal Springs, Illinois with a gross storage capacity of 2.3 MMBbls (1.2 MMBbls net to our ownership interest).  The Centennial Pipeline is idle; however, we continue to evaluate potential projects that could repurpose the line.

Refined products marine terminals
We own and operate refined products marine terminals located on the Neches River near Beaumont, Texas that include five deep-water ship docks and three barge docks.  In addition, these terminals have access to approximately 7.4 MMBbls of aggregate refined products storage capacity.

This business also includes refined products marine terminal assets at EHT, which is located on the Houston Ship Channel.  In addition to providing vessel loading and unloading services for refined products, EHT’s refined products operations include 2.0 MMBbls of aggregate storage capacity through the use of 24 above-ground storage tanks.

The results of operations for these marine terminals are primarily dependent upon the volume handled and the associated storage and other fees we charge.

Refined products marketing activities
Our refined products marketing activities generate revenues from the sale and delivery of refined products obtained on the open market.  The results of operations from our refined products marketing activities are primarily dependent upon the difference, or spread, between product sales prices and the associated purchase and other costs, including those costs attributable to the use of our other assets.  In general, we sell our refined products at market-based prices, which may include pricing differentials for factors such as grade and delivery location.  We use derivative instruments to mitigate our exposure to commodity price risks associated with our refined products marketing activities.  For a discussion of our commodity hedging program, see Part II, Item 7A of this annual report.

Marine transportation
Our marine transportation business consists of 61 tow boats and 138 tank barges that are used to transport refined products, crude oil, asphalt, condensate, heavy fuel oil, LPG and other petroleum products along key U.S. inland and intracoastal waterway systems.  The marine transportation industry uses tow boats as power sources and tank barges for freight capacity. Our marine transportation assets serve refinery and storage terminal customers along the Mississippi River, the intracoastal waterway between Texas and Florida and the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway system.  We own and operate shipyard and repair facilities located in Houma and Morgan City, Louisiana and marine fleeting facilities located in Bourg, Louisiana and Channelview, Texas.

The results of operations of our marine transportation business are generally dependent upon the level of fees charged (e.g., set day rates or fee per cargo movement) to transport petroleum products.

Our fleet of marine vessels operated at an average utilization rate of 86.3 %, 85.2% and 87.9% during the years ended December 31, 2017, 2016 and 2015, respectively.