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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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From time-to-time, EPCO and its privately held affiliates elect to purchase additional common units under our DRIP and our ATM program.  In January 2016 and March 2015, privately held affiliates of EPCO purchased 3,830,256 and 3,225,057 common units, respectively, from us under our ATM program, generating gross proceeds of $100 million during each year.  In November 2017, privately held affiliates of EPCO reinvested $100 million through our DRIP, resulting in the issuance of an additional 4,246,498 of our common units.  For each of the years ended December 31, 2016 and 2015, DRIP purchases by privately held affiliates of EPCO totaled $100 million.  See Note 9 for additional information regarding our ATM program and DRIP.

We lease office space from affiliates of EPCO.  The rental rates in these lease agreements approximate market rates.

EPCO ASA.  We have no employees.  All of our operating functions and general and administrative support services are provided by employees of EPCO pursuant to the ASA or by other service providers.  We and our general partner are parties to the ASA.  The significant terms of the ASA are as follows:

EPCO will provide selling, general and administrative services and management and operating services as may be necessary to manage and operate our businesses, properties and assets (all in accordance with prudent industry practices).  EPCO will employ or otherwise retain the services of such personnel.

We are required to reimburse EPCO for its services in an amount equal to the sum of all costs and expenses incurred by EPCO which are directly or indirectly related to our business or activities (including expenses reasonably allocated to us by EPCO).  In addition, we have agreed to pay all sales, use, excise, value added or similar taxes, if any, that may be applicable from time to time with respect to the services provided to us by EPCO.

EPCO will allow us to participate as a named insured in its overall insurance program, with the associated premiums and other costs being allocated to us.  See Note 18 for additional information regarding our insurance programs.

Our operating costs and expenses include amounts paid to EPCO for the costs it incurs to operate our facilities, including the compensation of its employees.  We reimburse EPCO for actual direct and indirect expenses it incurs related to the operation of our assets.  Likewise, our general and administrative costs include amounts paid to EPCO for administrative services, including the compensation of its employees.  In general, our reimbursement to EPCO for administrative services is either (i) on an actual basis for direct expenses it may incur on our behalf (e.g., the purchase of office supplies) or (ii) based on an allocation of such charges between the various parties to the ASA based on the estimated use of such services by each party (e.g., the allocation of legal or accounting salaries based on estimates of time spent on each entity’s business and affairs).

The following table presents our related party costs and expenses attributable to the ASA with EPCO for the periods indicated:

For the Year Ended December 31,
Operating costs and expenses
General and administrative expenses
     Total costs and expenses

Since the vast majority of such expenses are charged to us on an actual basis (i.e., no mark-up is charged or subsidy is received), we believe that such expenses are representative of what the amounts would have been on a standalone basis.  With respect to allocated costs, we believe that the proportional direct allocation method employed by EPCO is reasonable and reflective of the estimated level of costs we would have incurred on a standalone basis.