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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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Since we had a controlling financial interest in Oiltanking before and after completion of Step 2, the increase in our ownership interest in Oiltanking was accounted for as an equity transaction with no gain or loss recognized.  Step 2 represented our acquisition of the noncontrolling interests in Oiltanking; therefore, approximately $1.4 billion of noncontrolling interests attributable to Oiltanking were reclassified to limited partners’ equity to reflect the February 2015 issuance of 36,827,517 new common units.

Upon completion of the merger, the IDRs of Oiltanking were cancelled since we now own 100% of the future cash flows attributable to the Oiltanking business we acquired. As a result, the $1.46 billion carrying value of the IDR intangible asset was reclassified to goodwill and allocated among our business segments (see Note 7).

Note 13.  Equity-Based Awards

An allocated portion of the fair value of EPCO’s equity-based awards is charged to us under the ASA.  The following table summarizes compensation expense we recognized in connection with equity-based awards for the periods indicated:

For the Year Ended December 31,
Equity-classified awards:
Phantom unit awards
Restricted common unit awards
Profits interest awards
Liability-classified awards

The fair value of equity-classified awards is amortized into earnings over the requisite service or vesting period.  Equity-classified awards are expected to result in the issuance of common units upon vesting.  Compensation expense for liability-classified awards is recognized over the requisite service or vesting period based on the fair value of the award remeasured at each reporting date.  Liability-classified awards are settled in cash upon vesting.

At December 31, 2017, all of the phantom unit awards were granted under EPCO’s 2008 Enterprise Products Long-Term Incentive Plan (Third Amendment and Restatement) (“2008 Plan”).  The 2008 Plan is a long-term incentive plan under which any employee or consultant of EPCO, us or our affiliates that provides services to us, directly or indirectly, may receive incentive compensation awards in the form of options, restricted common units, phantom units, distribution equivalent rights (“DERs”), unit appreciation rights (“UARs”), unit awards, other unit-based awards or substitute awards.  Non-employee directors of our general partner may also participate in the 2008 Plan.  The maximum number of common units authorized for issuance under the 2008 Plan was 40,000,000 at December 31, 2017.  This amount automatically increased under the terms of the 2008 Plan by 5,000,000 common units on January 1, 2018 and will continue to automatically increase annually on January 1 thereafter during the term of the 2008 Plan; provided, however, that in no event shall the maximum aggregate number exceed 70,000,000 common units.  The 2008 Plan is effective until September 30, 2023 or, if earlier, until the time that all available common units under the 2008 Plan have been delivered to participants or the time of termination of the 2008 Plan by the Board of Directors of EPCO or by the Audit and Conflicts Committee.  After giving effect to awards granted under the 2008 Plan through December 31, 2017, a total of 19,091,065 additional common units were available for issuance.

During 2016, EPCO formed four limited partnerships (generally referred to as “Employee Partnerships”) to serve as long-term incentive arrangements for key employees of EPCO by providing them a “profits interest” in an Employee Partnership. The names of the Employee Partnerships are EPD PubCo Unit I L.P. (“PubCo I”), EPD PubCo Unit II L.P. (“PubCo II”), EPD PubCo Unit III L.P. (“PubCo III”) and EPD PrivCo Unit I L.P. (“PrivCo I”).  The Employee Partnerships are discussed later in this note.

At December 31, 2017, there were no restricted common unit awards outstanding under the Enterprise Products 1998 Long-Term Incentive Plan (“1998 Plan”).   The 1998 Plan is effectively closed and no new awards have been granted under this plan since 2014.  The 1998 Plan provided for awards of our common units and other rights to our non-employee directors and to employees of EPCO and its affiliates providing services to us.  Historically, awards under the 1998 Plan consisted of unit options and restricted common units.