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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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Note 10.  Business Segments and Related Information

Segment Overview
Our operations are reported under four business segments: (i) NGL Pipelines & Services, (ii) Crude Oil Pipelines & Services, (iii) Natural Gas Pipelines & Services and (iv) Petrochemical & Refined Products Services.  Our business segments are generally organized and managed according to the types of services rendered (or technologies employed) and products produced and/or sold.  

Financial information regarding these segments is evaluated regularly by our chief operating decision makers in deciding how to allocate resources and in assessing operating and financial performance.  The Chief Executive Officer and President of our general partner have been identified as our chief operating decision makers.  While these two officers evaluate results in a number of different ways, the business segment structure is the primary basis for which the allocation of resources and financial results are assessed.

The following information summarizes the current assets and operations of each business segment (mileage and other statistics are unaudited):

Our NGL Pipelines & Services business segment includes our natural gas processing plants and associated NGL marketing activities; approximately 19,600 miles of NGL pipelines; NGL and related product storage facilities; and 14 NGL fractionators.  This segment also includes our NGL export docks and related operations.

Our Crude Oil Pipelines & Services business segment includes approximately 5,800 miles of crude oil pipelines, crude oil storage terminals located in Oklahoma and Texas, and associated crude oil marketing activities.  

Our Natural Gas Pipelines & Services business segment includes approximately 19,700 miles of natural gas pipeline systems that provide for the gathering and transportation of natural gas in Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming.  This segment also includes our natural gas marketing activities.

Our Petrochemical & Refined Products Services business segment includes (i) propylene production facilities, which include our propylene fractionation units and recently completed PDH facility, approximately 800 miles of pipelines, and associated marketing operations; (ii) a butane isomerization complex and related deisobutanizer units; (iii) octane enhancement and high purity isobutylene production facilities; (iv) refined products pipelines aggregating approximately 4,100 miles, terminals and associated marketing activities; and (v) marine transportation.

Our plants, pipelines and other fixed assets are located in the U.S.

Sale of Offshore Business
In July 2015, we completed the sale of our Offshore Business, which comprised our Offshore Pipelines & Services business segment, to Genesis for approximately $1.53 billion in cash.  Our Offshore Business served drilling and development regions, including deepwater production fields, in the northern Gulf of Mexico offshore Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas and included approximately 2,350 miles of offshore natural gas and crude oil pipelines and six offshore hub platforms.

We viewed our Offshore Business as an extension of our midstream energy services network. As such, the sale of these assets did not represent a strategic shift in our consolidated operations, and their sale did not have a major effect on our financial results.  The sale of this non-strategic business allowed us to redeploy capital to other business opportunities that we believe will generate a higher rate of return for us in the future (e.g., our acquisition of EFS Midstream – see Note 12).