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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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The Promix NGL fractionator receives mixed NGLs via pipeline from natural gas processing plants located in southern Louisiana and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, including our Neptune and Pascagoula facilities.  In addition to the Promix NGL Gathering System, Promix owns three NGL storage caverns and leases a fourth NGL storage cavern.  Promix also owns a barge loading facility.

The Baton Rouge NGL fractionator receives mixed NGLs from natural gas processing plants located in Alabama, Mississippi and southern Louisiana.  This facility includes a leased NGL storage cavern.

NGL and related product storage facilities
We utilize underground storage caverns and above ground storage tanks to store mixed and purity NGLs, petrochemical and related products owned by us and our customers.  The results of operations from our storage facilities are dependent upon the level of storage capacity reserved by customers, the volume of product delivered into and withdrawn from storage and the level of associated fees we charge. The following table presents selected information regarding our NGL and related product storage assets at February 1, 2018:

Net Usable
Storage Capacity by State
Others (1)
   Total (2)
(1)   Includes storage capacity at facilities in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Wisconsin.
(2)   Our aggregate net usable storage capacity includes 15.2 MMBbls held under long-term operating leases at facilities located in Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana and Texas.  Approximately 2.2 MMBbls of our net usable storage capacity in Louisiana is held indirectly through our equity method investment in Promix.  The remainder of our NGL underground storage caverns and above ground storage tanks are wholly owned.

We operate these facilities, with the exception of certain Louisiana storage locations, the leased Markham facility in Texas and another leased facility in Kansas.  Our largest underground storage facility is located in Mont Belvieu, Texas.  This facility consists of 37 underground storage caverns used to store and redeliver mixed NGLs and NGL purity, petrochemical and related products for industrial customers located along the upper Texas Gulf Coast.  This facility has an aggregate usable storage capacity of approximately 130 MMBbls, a brine system with approximately 31 MMBbls of above-ground brine storage pit capacity and four wells available for brine production.

NGL export terminals and related operations
We own and operate marine export and import terminals for NGLs. The results of operations of these facilities, all of which are located on the Houston Ship Channel, are primarily dependent upon the level of volumes handled and the associated loading/unloading fees we charge for such services.

Enterprise Hydrocarbons Terminal
We own and operate a marine terminal facility, the Enterprise Hydrocarbons Terminal (or “EHT”), located on the Houston Ship Channel that provides terminaling services to major integrated oil companies, exporters, marketers, distributors and chemical companies.  EHT has extensive waterfront access consisting of seven deep-water ship docks and two barge docks.  The terminal can accommodate vessels with up to a 45 foot draft, including Suezmax tankers, which are the largest tankers that can navigate the Houston Ship Channel.  We believe that our location on the Houston Ship Channel to the east of the Beltway 8 bridge enables us to handle larger vessels than our competitors who are located to the west of the Beltway 8 bridge because our waterfront has fewer draft and beam (width) restrictions.  The size and structure of our waterfront at the Houston facility allows us not only to receive and unload products for our customers, but also to provide third party docking services for which we receive throughput fees.