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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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Item 14.  Principal Accountant Fees and Services.

With the approval of the Audit and Conflicts Committee of our general partner, we have engaged Deloitte & Touche LLP, the member firms of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, and their respective affiliates (collectively, “Deloitte & Touche”) as our independent registered public accounting firm and principal accountants.  The following table summarizes amounts billed to us by Deloitte & Touche for (or in) each of the years presented, as applicable:

For the Year Ended December 31,
2017 (1)
2016 (2)
Audit fees
(1)   Audit fees for 2017 include $135,000 of charges for audit-related projects that were reimbursed by joint venture partners.
(2)   Audit fees for 2016 include $225,000 of charges for audit-related projects that were reimbursed by joint venture partners.

As presented in the preceding table, “Audit Fees” typically represent amounts billed for each year in connection with  (i) the annual audit of our consolidated financial statements and internal controls over financial reporting, (ii) the quarterly review of our consolidated financial statements filed on Form 10-Q, (iii) standalone annual audits of our consolidated subsidiaries and (iv) those services normally provided by Deloitte & Touche in connection with our statutory and regulatory filings or engagements, including comfort letters, consents and other services related to SEC matters.  We did not engage Deloitte & Touche to perform any other services for us during the last two years.

In connection with its oversight responsibilities, the Audit and Conflicts Committee has adopted a pre-approval policy regarding any services to be performed by Deloitte & Touche.  The pre-approval policy includes four primary service categories: Audit, Audit-related, Tax and Other. When Deloitte & Touche’s services are required, management and Deloitte & Touche discuss the proposed work with the Audit and Conflicts Committee.  These discussions typically address the reasons for the project, the scope of the work to be performed and an estimate of the fee to be charged by Deloitte & Touche for such work.  The Audit and Conflicts Committee discusses the request with management and Deloitte & Touche and, if the work is deemed necessary and appropriate for Deloitte & Touche to perform, approves the request subject to the fee estimate presented (the initial “pre-approved” fee amount).  If at a later date, it appears that the initial pre-approved fee amount is insufficient to complete the work, management and Deloitte & Touche must present a supplemental request to the Audit and Conflicts Committee to increase the approved amount along with reasons for the increase.  Under the pre-approval policy, management cannot act upon its own to authorize an expenditure for Deloitte & Touche services outside of the pre-approved amounts.  On a quarterly basis, the Audit and Conflicts Committee is provided a schedule that compares the pre-approved amounts for each primary service category with the actual fees billed for each type of service.  We believe the Audit and Conflicts Committee’s pre-approval process helps to ensure the independence of our principal accountant from management.

We are prohibited from using Deloitte & Touche to perform general bookkeeping, human resources or management functions for us, and any other service not permitted by the PCAOB.