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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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The Texas Express Gathering System is comprised of two gathering systems that deliver mixed NGLs to the Texas Express Pipeline.  The Elk City gathering system is comprised of 55 miles of pipeline and gathers mixed NGLs from natural gas processing plants in the Anadarko/Granite Wash production area located in the Texas Panhandle.  The North Texas gathering system comprises 61 miles of pipeline and gathers mixed NGLs from natural gas processing plants in the Barnett Shale production area in North Texas.

Shin Oak NGL Pipeline
In April 2017, we announced plans to build a 24-inch diameter pipeline (the “Shin Oak NGL Pipeline” or “Shin Oak”) to transport growing NGL production from the Permian Basin to our NGL fractionation and storage complex located in Mont Belvieu, Texas.  The Shin Oak NGL Pipeline is expected to have an initial design capacity of 250 MBPD and be expandable to up to 600 MBPD.  The project is supported by long-term shipper commitments and is expected to be placed into service during the second quarter of 2019.

NGL fractionation
We own or have interests in 14 NGL fractionators, located in Texas and Louisiana, which separate mixed NGL streams into purity NGL products for third party customers and also our NGL marketing activities.  The primary sources of mixed NGLs fractionated in the U.S. are domestic natural gas processing plants, crude oil refineries and imports of butane and propane mixtures.  Mixed NGLs sourced from domestic natural gas processing plants and crude oil refineries are typically transported to NGL fractionation facilities by NGL pipelines and, to a lesser extent, by railcar and truck.

Mixed NGLs extracted by domestic natural gas processing plants represent the largest source of volumes processed by our NGL fractionators.  Based upon industry data, we believe that sufficient volumes of mixed NGLs, especially those originating from natural gas processing plants located in West Texas, along the Gulf Coast and in the Rocky Mountains and Mid-Continent regions, will be available for fractionation in commercially viable quantities for the foreseeable future.  Significant volumes of mixed NGLs are contractually committed to be processed at our NGL fractionators by joint owners and third party customers.

The results of operations of our NGL fractionation business are generally dependent upon the volume of mixed NGLs fractionated and either the level of fractionation fees charged (under fee-based contracts) or the value of NGLs received (under percent-of-liquids arrangements).  Our fee-based fractionation customers retain title to the NGLs that we process for them.  To the extent we fractionate volumes for customers under percent-of-liquids contracts, we are exposed to fluctuations in NGL prices (i.e., commodity price risk).  We attempt to mitigate these risks through the use of commodity derivative instruments such as forward sales contracts.