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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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Item 13.  Certain Relationships and Related Transactions, and Director Independence.

Certain Relationships and Related Transactions

We believe that the terms and provisions of our related party agreements are fair to us; however, such agreements and transactions may not be as favorable to us as we could have obtained from unaffiliated third parties.

Additional information regarding our related party transactions is set forth in Note 15 of the Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements included under Part II, Item 8 of this annual report and is incorporated by reference into this Item 13.

Review and Approval of Transactions with Related Parties

We consider transactions between us and our subsidiaries and unconsolidated affiliates, on the one hand, and our executive officers and directors (or their immediate family members), our general partner or its affiliates (including other companies owned or controlled by the DD LLC Trustees or the EPCO Trustees), on the other hand, to be related party transactions.  As further described below, our partnership agreement sets forth general procedures by which related party transactions and conflicts of interest may be approved or resolved by Enterprise GP or its Audit and Conflicts Committee.  In addition, the Audit and Conflicts Committee charter, Enterprise GP’s written internal review and approval policies and procedures (referred to as its “management authorization policy”) and the amended and restated ASA with EPCO address specific types of related party transactions, as further described below.
Our Audit and Conflicts Committee is comprised of three independent directors:  Charles E. McMahen, William C. Montgomery and Richard S. Snell.  In accordance with its charter, the Audit and Conflicts Committee reviews and approves related party transactions:

pursuant to our partnership agreement or the limited liability company agreement of Enterprise GP, as such agreements may be amended from time to time;

in which an officer or director of Enterprise GP or any of our subsidiaries, or an immediate family member of such an officer or director, has a material financial interest or is otherwise a party;

when requested to do so by management or the Board;

with a value of $5 million or more (unless such transaction is equivalent to an arm’s length or third party transaction); or

that it may otherwise deem appropriate from time to time.

The Audit and Conflicts Committee did not review or approve any related party transactions during the year ended December 31, 2017.

Enterprise GP’s management authorization policy generally requires Board approval for asset purchase or sales transactions and capital expenditures to the extent such transactions have a value in excess of $250 million.  Any such transaction would typically also require Audit and Conflicts Committee review under its charter if such transaction is also a related party transaction.

As noted previously, all of our management, administrative and operating functions are performed by employees of EPCO (pursuant to an administrative services agreement, or ASA) or by other service providers.  The ASA governs numerous day-to-day transactions between us, Enterprise GP and EPCO and its affiliates, including the provision by EPCO of administrative and other services to us and our reimbursement to EPCO of costs, without markup or discount, for those services.  The ASA was reviewed, approved and recommended to the Board by our Audit and Conflicts Committee, and the Board also approved it upon receiving such recommendation.