Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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Code of Conduct and Ethics and Corporate Governance Guidelines

Enterprise GP has adopted a “Code of Conduct” that applies to its directors, officers and employees.  This code sets forth our requirements for compliance with legal and ethical standards in the conduct of our business, including general business principles, legal and ethical obligations, compliance policies for specific subjects, obtaining guidance on complying with the code, the reporting of compliance issues, and discipline for violations of the code.  The Code of Conduct also establishes policies applicable to our CEO, President, CFO, Principal Accounting Officer and senior financial and other managers to prevent wrongdoing and to promote honest and ethical conduct, including ethical handling of actual and apparent conflicts of interest, compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in public communications, and prompt internal reporting of violations of the code (and thus accountability for adherence to the code).  Employees are required to certify their understanding and compliance with the Code of Conduct on an annual basis.  Training on Code of Conduct is also provided to employees, where applicable.

Governance guidelines, together with applicable committee charters, provide the framework for effective governance of our partnership.  The Board has adopted the “Governance Guidelines of Enterprise Products Partners,” which address several matters, including qualifications for directors, responsibilities of directors, retirement of directors, the composition and responsibilities of the Audit and Conflicts Committee and the Governance Committee, the conduct and frequency of Board and committee meetings, management succession plans, director access to management and outside advisors, director compensation, director and executive officer equity ownership, director orientation and continuing education, and annual self-evaluation of the Board.  The Board recognizes that effective governance is an on-going process, and thus, it will review the Governance Guidelines of Enterprise Products Partners annually or more often as deemed necessary.

Audit and Conflicts Committee

The purpose of the Board’s Audit and Conflicts Committee is to address audit and conflicts-related matters.  In accordance with NYSE rules and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the Board has named three of its members to serve on the Audit and Conflicts Committee.  Members of the Audit and Conflicts Committee must have a basic understanding of finance and accounting matters and be able to read and understand fundamental financial statements, and at least one member of the Audit and Conflicts Committee shall have accounting or related financial management expertise.  The current members of the Audit and Conflicts Committee are Messrs. McMahen, Montgomery and Snell, all of whom are independent directors, free from any relationship with us or any of our subsidiaries that would interfere with the exercise of independent judgment.  The Board has affirmatively determined that Mr. McMahen satisfies the definition of “Audit Committee Financial Expert” as defined in Item 407(d)(5) of Regulation S-K promulgated by the SEC.

The primary responsibilities of the Audit and Conflicts Committee include (i) reviewing potential conflicts of interest, including related party transactions, (ii) monitoring the integrity of our financial reporting process and related systems of internal control, (iii) ensuring our legal and regulatory compliance and that of Enterprise GP, (iv) overseeing the independence and performance of our independent public accountant, (v) approving all services performed by our independent public accountant, (vi) providing for an avenue of communication among the independent public accountant, management, internal audit function and the Board, (vii) encouraging adherence to and continuous improvement of our policies, procedures and practices at all levels, (viii) reviewing areas of potential significant financial risk to our businesses and (ix) approving awards granted under long-term incentive plans.

If the Board believes that a particular matter presents a conflict of interest and proposes a resolution, the Audit and Conflicts Committee has the authority to review such matter to determine if the proposed resolution is fair and reasonable to us.  Any matters approved by the Audit and Conflicts Committee are conclusively deemed to be fair and reasonable to us, approved by all of our partners and not a breach by Enterprise GP or the Board of any duties they may owe us or our unitholders.