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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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for Mr. Weitzel, over 25 years of experience in Texas and California as a commercial litigator, having successfully represented individual, corporate and governmental clients as plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of business-related matters.

Our five outside voting directors also have significant experience in a variety of capacities, as well as other qualifications, attributes and skills.  These include:

for Ms. Barth, executive management experience in various financial and governance roles;

for Mr. Hackett, executive management of a major oil and gas exploration and production company;

for Mr. McMahen, executive management experience in banking and finance;

for Mr. Montgomery, executive management of both an investment banking firm and a private equity investment firm serving the global energy industry; and

for Mr. Snell, professional experience involving complex legal and accounting matters.

As advisory directors, Mr. Casey has executive management experience in NGL and petrochemicals trading and related storage businesses and Mr. Smith has experience in banking and investment matters.  As an honorary director, Mr. Andras has a long history with Enterprise and its operations, including being a former CEO.

Partnership Governance

We are committed to sound principles of governance.  Such principles are critical for us to achieve our performance goals and maintain the trust and confidence of investors, employees, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders.

A key element of strong governance is having independent members of the Board.  Pursuant to the NYSE listing standards, a director will be considered independent if the Board determines that he or she does not have a material relationship with Enterprise GP or us (either directly or as a partner, unitholder or officer of an organization that has a material relationship with Enterprise GP or us).  Based on the foregoing, the Board has affirmatively determined that Ms. Barth and Messrs. Hackett, McMahen, Montgomery and Snell are independent directors under the NYSE rules.

Because we are a limited partnership and meet the definition of a “controlled company” under the listing standards of the NYSE, we are not required to comply with certain NYSE rules.  In particular, we are not required to comply with Section 303A.01 of the NYSE Listed Company Manual, which would require that the Board of our general partner be comprised of a majority of independent directors.  Currently, five of the ten Board members of Enterprise GP are independent under NYSE rules; however, this composition may not always be in effect.  Also, we have elected to not comply with Sections 303A.04 and 303A.05 of the NYSE Listed Company Manual, which would require that the Board of Enterprise GP maintain a Nominating Committee and a Compensation Committee, each consisting entirely of independent directors.