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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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The overall compensation of each named executive officer is not based on any formula or specific performance criteria; rather, the Audit and Conflicts Committee, our President, our CEO and EPCO (as applicable) determine an appropriate level and mix of compensation for each officer on a case-by-case basis.  Further, there is no established policy or target for the allocation between either cash and non-cash or short-term and long-term incentive compensation.  However, some considerations that the Audit and Conflicts Committee or our President and our CEO (as applicable) may take into account in making the case-by-case compensation determinations include the total value of all elements of compensation and the appropriate balance of internal pay equity among our executive officers. The Audit and Conflicts Committee, our President, our CEO and EPCO (as applicable) also consider individual performance, levels of responsibility and value to the organization.  All compensation determinations are subjective and discretionary.

In making compensation decisions, EPCO considers market data for determining relevant compensation levels and compensation program elements through the review of and, in certain cases, participation in, relevant compensation surveys and reports.  These surveys and reports are conducted and prepared by third party compensation consultants. In 2017, EPCO engaged Meridian Compensation Partners, LLC (the “Consultant”) to complete a detailed review of executive compensation relative to our industry.  In connection with this review, the Consultant provided comparative market data on compensation practices and programs for executive level positions based on an analysis of industry competitors.  The market data for industry competitors included information from CenterPoint Energy, Inc.; Dominion Energy, Inc.; Enbridge Inc.; Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.; Kinder Morgan Inc.; Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P.; ONEOK, Inc.; Plains All American Pipeline, L.P.; Spectra Energy Corp.; Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P.; Targa Resources Corporation; The Williams Companies, Inc.; and TransCanada Corporation. 

Neither we, nor EPCO, which engages the Consultant, are aware of the specific data of the companies included in the Consultant’s proprietary database for specific positions.  EPCO uses the information provided in the Consultant’s analysis to gauge whether compensation levels reported by the Consultant and the general ranges of compensation for EPCO employees in similar positions are comparable, but that comparison is only a factor taken into consideration and may or may not impact compensation of our named executive officers, for which our Audit and Conflicts Committee (in the case of our President’s and our CEO’s compensation) or our President and our CEO (in the case of compensation to be paid to our other named executive officers) have the ultimate decision-making authority.  EPCO does not otherwise engage in benchmarking for the named executive officers’ positions.