Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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Confidential Telephone Hotline

In accordance with NYSE rules, we have established a toll-free, confidential telephone hotline (the “Hotline”) so that interested parties may communicate with the presiding director or with all the non-management directors as a group.  All calls to this Hotline are reported to the chairman of the Audit and Conflicts Committee, who is responsible for communicating any necessary information to the other non-management directors.  The number of our confidential Hotline is (877) 888-0002.

Section 16(a) Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance

Under federal securities laws, directors and executive officers of Enterprise GP and any persons holding more than 10% of our common units are required to report their beneficial ownership of common units and any changes in their beneficial ownership levels to us and the SEC.  Specific due dates for these reports have been established by regulation, and we are required to disclose in this annual report any failure to file this information within the specified timeframes.  All such reporting was done in a timely manner in 2017, except that the vesting of a phantom unit award for Mr. Weitzel (and payment of the related tax liability by withholding securities incident to such vesting) was reported on a Form 4 filed on January 17, 2017, instead of by the reporting deadline of January 9, 2017.

Item 11.  Executive Compensation.

Executive Officer Compensation

We do not directly employ any of the persons responsible for managing our business.  Instead, we are managed by our general partner, the executive officers of which are employees of EPCO.  Our management, administrative and operating functions are primarily performed by employees of EPCO in accordance with the ASA.  Pursuant to the ASA, we reimburse EPCO for all of its compensation costs related to the employment of personnel working on our behalf.  For information regarding the ASA, see Note 15 of the Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements included under Part II, Item 8 of this annual report.