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The following information describes each of our principal NGL pipelines.  We operate our NGL pipelines with the exception of the Skelly-Belvieu Pipeline and Texas Express Gathering System.

The Mid-America Pipeline System is an NGL pipeline system consisting of four primary segments:  the 3,167-mile Rocky Mountain pipeline, the 2,146-mile Conway South pipeline, the 2,138-mile Conway North pipeline, and the 632-mile Ethane-Propane Mix pipeline.  The Mid-America Pipeline System operates in 13 states: Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin and Wyoming.  The Rocky Mountain pipeline transports mixed NGLs from the Rocky Mountain Overthrust and San Juan Basin areas to the Hobbs NGL hub located on the Texas-New Mexico border.  The Conway North segment links the NGL hub at Conway, Kansas to refineries, petrochemical plants and propane markets in the upper Midwest.  NGL hubs such as those at Hobbs and Conway provide buyers and sellers a centralized location for the storage and pricing of products, while also providing connections to intrastate and/or interstate pipelines.  The Ethane-Propane Mix segment transports ethane/propane mix primarily to petrochemical plants in Iowa and Illinois from the NGL hub at Conway.  The Conway South pipeline connects the Conway hub with Kansas refineries and provides bi-directional transportation of NGLs between the Conway and Hobbs hubs.  At the Hobbs NGL hub, the Mid-America Pipeline System interconnects with our Seminole Pipeline and Hobbs NGL fractionation and storage facility.  The Mid-America Pipeline System is also connected to 18 non-regulated NGL terminals that we own and operate.

Volumes transported on the Mid-America Pipeline System primarily originate from natural gas processing plants in the Rocky Mountains and Mid-Continent regions, as well as NGL fractionation and storage facilities in Kansas and Texas.

The South Texas NGL Pipeline System is a network of NGL gathering and transportation pipelines located in South Texas.  This system gathers and transports mixed NGLs from natural gas processing plants in South Texas (owned by us or third parties) to our NGL fractionators in South Texas and Mont Belvieu, Texas.  In addition, this system transports purity NGL products from our South Texas NGL fractionators to refineries and petrochemical plants located between Corpus Christi, Texas and Houston, Texas and within the Texas City-Houston area, as well as to interconnects with common carrier NGL pipelines.  The South Texas NGL Pipeline System extends our ethane header system from Mont Belvieu, Texas to Corpus Christi, Texas.  The South Texas NGL Pipeline System also connects our South Texas NGL fractionators with our storage facility in Mont Belvieu, Texas.  The pipeline system includes a 168-mile segment that transports mixed NGLs from our Yoakum natural gas processing plant to our Mont Belvieu NGL fractionation and storage complex.  In addition, a 173-mile segment extends from our Yoakum facility to a third party natural gas processing plant located in LaSalle County, Texas, and provides NGL pipeline takeaway capacity for additional third party gas plants.

The Dixie Pipeline extends from southeast Texas to markets in the southeastern U.S., and transports propane and other NGLs.  Propane supplies transported on this system primarily originate from southeast Texas, south Louisiana and Mississippi.  This system operates in seven states:  Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas, and is connected to eight non-regulated propane terminals that we own and operate.

The Seminole Pipeline transports NGLs from the Hobbs hub and the Permian Basin area of West Texas to markets in southeast Texas including our NGL fractionation facility in Mont Belvieu, Texas.  NGLs originating on the Mid-America Pipeline System are a significant source of throughput for the Seminole Pipeline, which is comprised of two parallel pipelines to Mont Belvieu – the Seminole Blue and Seminole Red lines.

The ATEX, or Appalachia-to-Texas Express, pipeline primarily transports ethane in southbound service from four third-party owned NGL fractionation plants located in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia to our Mont Belvieu storage complex.  The ethane extracted by these fractionation facilities originates from the Marcellus and Utica Shale production areas.  ATEX operates in nine states:  Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and West Virginia.