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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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Directors and Executive Officers of Enterprise GP

The following table sets forth the name, age and position of each of the directors, excluding advisory or honorary directors, and executive officers of Enterprise GP at February 28, 2018.  Each executive officer holds the same respective office shown below in the managing member of EPO.

Position with Enterprise GP
Randa Duncan Williams  (1,2,6)
Director and Chairman of the Board
Richard H. Bachmann (1,6)
Director and Vice Chairman of the Board
A. James Teague (1,6,7,8)
Director and CEO
W. Randall Fowler (1,6,7,8)
Director and President
Carin M. Barth (2,6)
James T. Hackett (2,3,6)
Charles E. McMahen (4,5)
William C. Montgomery (4)
Richard S. Snell (4,6)
Harry P. Weitzel (6,8)
Director and Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Graham W. Bacon (8)
Executive Vice President
William Ordemann (8)
Executive Vice President
R. Daniel Boss (8)
Senior Vice President (Accounting and Risk Control)
Bryan F. Bulawa (8)
Senior Vice President and CFO
Brent B. Secrest (8)
Senior Vice President
Michael W. Hanson (8)
Vice President and Principal Accounting Officer
(1)   Member of Office of the Chairman
(2)   Member of the Governance Committee
(3)   Chairman of the Governance Committee
(4)   Member of the Audit and Conflicts Committee
(5)   Chairman of the Audit and Conflicts Committee
(6)   Member of the Capital Projects Committee
(7)   Co-Chairman of the Capital Projects Committee
(8)   Executive officer

The following information presents a brief history of the business experience of our directors and executive officers:

Randa Duncan Williams
Ms. Duncan Williams was elected Chairman of the Board of Enterprise GP in February 2013 and a director of Enterprise GP in November 2010.  She also serves as a member of Enterprise GP’s Governance Committee and Capital Projects Committee.  She was elected Chairman of EPCO in May 2010, having previously served as Group Co-Chairman since 1994.  Ms. Duncan Williams has served as a director of EPCO since February 1991.  She also served as a director of the general partner of Enterprise GP Holdings L.P. (“Holdings GP”) from May 2007 to November 2010.

Prior to joining EPCO in 1994, Ms. Duncan Williams practiced law with the firms Butler & Binion and Brown, Sims, Wise & White.  Ms. Duncan Williams previously served on the board of directors of Encore Bancshares from July 2007 until July 2012.  She currently serves on the board of trustees for numerous charitable organizations.  Ms. Duncan Williams is the daughter of the late Mr. Dan L. Duncan, our founder.

Richard H. Bachmann
Mr. Bachmann was elected a director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Enterprise GP in January 2016 and serves as a member of its Capital Projects Committee.  He previously served as a director of Enterprise GP from November 2010 through April 2014. He served as an Executive Vice President of Holdings GP from April 2005 to November 2010 and as a director of Holdings GP from February 2006 to November 2010.  He served as Chief Legal Officer and Secretary of Holdings GP from April 2005 to May 2010.  Mr. Bachmann served as Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of Enterprise Products GP, LLC (“EPGP,” the former general partner of Enterprise) from February 1999 until November 2010 and as Secretary of EPGP from November 1999 to November 2010.  He previously served as a director of EPGP from June 2000 to January 2004 and from February 2006 to May 2010.