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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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Item 10.  Directors, Executive Officers and Partnership Governance.

Partnership Management


The following individuals currently serve as members of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Enterprise GP:  Richard H. Bachmann, Carin M. Barth, W. Randall Fowler, James T. Hackett, Charles E. McMahen, William C. Montgomery, Richard S. Snell, A. James Teague, Harry P. Weitzel and Randa Duncan Williams.  Ms. Duncan Williams serves as the non-executive Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Bachmann serves as the non-executive Vice Chairman of the Board.

In addition, Larry J. Casey and Edwin C. Smith serve as “advisory directors” for Enterprise GP, and O.S. Andras serves as an “honorary director.”  Service as an advisory or honorary director does not confer any of the rights, obligations, liabilities or responsibilities of a director of Enterprise GP (including any power or authority to vote on any matters as a director).

Marquard & Bahls AG (“M&B”), a German corporation and the former parent company of Oiltanking, is entitled to designate a nominee for election to the Board (the “M&B Designee”) as long as M&B and its affiliates beneficially own at least 27,403,676 of the common units we issued to M&B and its affiliates in connection with the Oiltanking acquisition.  In the event that the M&B Designee becomes unable or unwilling to, or for another reason ceases to, serve as a member of the Board while M&B is entitled to maintain the M&B Designee, M&B may designate another person reasonably acceptable to the Board as a replacement. The initial M&B Designee, Dr. F. Christian Flach, resigned from the Board in November 2017.   No replacement for Dr. Flach has been nominated by M&B as of the filing date of this annual report.

As is commonly the case with publicly traded limited partnerships, we do not directly employ any of the persons responsible for our management, administrative or operating functions.  Pursuant to the ASA with EPCO, these roles are performed by employees of EPCO, which are under the direction of the Board and executive officers of Enterprise GP.  The executive officers of Enterprise GP are elected for one-year terms and may be removed, with or without cause, only by the Board.  Our unitholders do not elect the officers or directors of Enterprise GP.  The DD LLC Trustees, through their control of Enterprise GP, have the ability to elect, remove and replace at any time, all of the officers and directors of our general partner.  Each member of the Board of Enterprise GP serves until such member’s death, resignation or removal.  The employees of EPCO who served as directors of our general partner during 2017 were Ms. Duncan Williams and Messrs. Bachmann, Fowler, Teague and Weitzel.

Notwithstanding any contractual limitation on its obligations or duties, Enterprise GP is liable for all debts we incur (to the extent not paid by us), except to the extent that such indebtedness or other obligations are non-recourse to Enterprise GP.  Whenever possible, Enterprise GP intends to make any such indebtedness or other obligations non-recourse to itself.

Under our limited partnership agreement and subject to specified limitations, we will indemnify to the fullest extent permitted by Delaware law, from and against all losses, claims, damages or similar events, any director or officer, or while serving as director or officer, any person who is or was serving as a tax matters member or as a director, officer, tax matters member, employee, partner, manager, fiduciary or trustee of our partnership or any of our affiliates.  Additionally, we will indemnify to the fullest extent permitted by law, from and against all losses, claims, damages or similar events, any person who is or was an employee (other than an officer) or agent of our general partner.