Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 8-K on 02/07/2018
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    repurchase, redeem or otherwise retire any subordinated debt securities, except that in the case of subordinated debt securities that provide for a mandatory sinking fund, we may deliver subordinated debt securities to the Trustee in satisfaction of our sinking fund obligation,

unless, in either case,


    the default has been cured or waived and the declaration of acceleration has been rescinded;


    the Senior Indebtedness has been paid in full in cash; or


    the Issuer and the Trustee receive written notice approving the payment from the representatives of each issue of “Designated Senior Indebtedness.”

Generally, “Designated Senior Indebtedness” will include:


    indebtedness for borrowed money under a bank credit agreement, called “Bank Indebtedness”; and


    any specified issue of Senior Indebtedness of at least $100 million.

During the continuance of any default, other than a default described in the immediately preceding paragraph, that may cause the maturity of any Senior Indebtedness to be accelerated immediately without further notice, other than any notice required to effect such acceleration, or the expiration of any applicable grace periods, the Issuer may not pay the subordinated debt securities for a period called the “Payment Blockage Period.” A Payment Blockage Period will commence on the receipt by us and the Trustee of written notice of the default, called a “Blockage Notice,” from the representative of any Designated Senior Indebtedness specifying an election to effect a Payment Blockage Period.

The Payment Blockage Period may be terminated before its expiration:


    by written notice from the person or persons who gave the Blockage Notice;


    by repayment in full in cash of the Senior Indebtedness with respect to which the Blockage Notice was given; or


    if the default giving rise to the Payment Blockage Period is no longer continuing.

Unless the holders of Senior Indebtedness shall have accelerated the maturity of the Senior Indebtedness, we may resume payments on the subordinated debt securities after the expiration of the Payment Blockage Period.

Generally, not more than one Blockage Notice may be given in any period of 360 consecutive days unless the first Blockage Notice within the 360-day period is given by holders of Designated Senior Indebtedness, other than Bank Indebtedness, in which case the representative of the Bank Indebtedness may give another Blockage Notice within the period. The total number of days during which any one or more Payment Blockage Periods are in effect, however, may not exceed an aggregate of 179 days during any period of 360 consecutive days.

After all Senior Indebtedness is paid in full and until the subordinated debt securities are paid in full, holders of the subordinated debt securities shall be subrogated to the rights of holders of Senior Indebtedness to receive distributions applicable to Senior Indebtedness.

By reason of the subordination, in the event of insolvency, our creditors who are holders of Senior Indebtedness, as well as certain of our general creditors, may recover more, ratably, than the holders of the subordinated debt securities.

Form and Denomination

Unless otherwise indicated in a prospectus supplement, the debt securities of a series will be issued as Registered Securities in denominations of $1,000 and any integral multiple thereof.