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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 8-K on 02/07/2018
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Conveyance of notices and other communications by DTC to direct participants, by, direct participants to indirect participants, and by direct participants and indirect participants to beneficial owners will be governed by arrangements among them, subject to any statutory or regulatory requirements as may be in effect from time to time.

Neither DTC nor Cede & Co. (nor any other DTC nominee) will consent or vote with respect to the global securities. Under its usual procedures, DTC mails an omnibus proxy to the issuer as soon as possible after the record date. The omnibus proxy assigns Cede & Co.’s consenting or voting rights to those direct participants to whose accounts the debt securities are credited on the record date (identified in the listing attached to the omnibus proxy).

All payments on the global securities will be made to Cede & Co., as holder of record, or such other nominee as may be requested by an authorized representative of DTC. DTC’s practice is to credit direct participants’ accounts upon DTC’s receipt of funds and corresponding detail information from us or the Trustee on payment dates in accordance with their respective holdings shown on DTC’s records. Payments by participants to beneficial owners will be governed by standing instructions and customary practices, as is the case with securities held for the accounts of customers in bearer form or registered in “street name,” and will be the responsibility of such participant and not of DTC, us or the Trustee, subject to any statutory or regulatory requirements as may be in effect from time to time. Payment of principal, premium, if any, and interest to Cede & Co. (or such other nominee as may be requested by an authorized representative of DTC) shall be the responsibility of us or the Trustee. Disbursement of such payments to direct participants shall be the responsibility of DTC, and disbursement of such payments to the beneficial owners shall be the responsibility of direct and indirect participants.

DTC may discontinue providing its service as securities depositary with respect to the debt securities at any time by giving reasonable notice to us or the Trustee. In addition, we may decide to discontinue use of the system of book-entry transfers through DTC (or a successor securities depositary). Under such circumstances, in the event that a successor securities depositary is not obtained, note certificates in fully registered form are required to be printed and delivered to beneficial owners of the global securities representing such debt securities.

Neither we nor the Trustee will have any responsibility or obligation to direct or indirect participants, or the persons for whom they act as nominees, with respect to the accuracy of the records of DTC, its nominee or any participant with respect to any ownership interest in the debt securities, or payments to, or the providing of notice to participants or beneficial owners.

So long as the debt securities are in DTC’s book-entry system, secondary market trading activity in the debt securities will settle in immediately available funds. All payments on the debt securities issued as global securities will be made by us in immediately available funds.

The information in this section concerning DTC and DTC’s book-entry system has been obtained from sources that we believe to be reliable, but we take no responsibility for the accuracy thereof.

Limitations on Issuance of Bearer Securities

The debt securities of a series may be issued as Registered Securities (which will be registered as to principal and interest in the register maintained by the registrar for the debt securities) or Bearer Securities (which will be transferable only by delivery). If the debt securities are issuable as Bearer Securities, certain special limitations and conditions will apply.

In compliance with United States federal income tax laws and regulations, we and any underwriter, agent or dealer participating in an offering of Bearer Securities will agree that, in connection with the original issuance of the Bearer Securities and during the period ending 40 days after the issue date, they will not offer, sell or deliver any such Bearer Securities, directly or indirectly, to a United States Person (as defined below) or to any person within the United States, except to the extent permitted under United States Treasury regulations.