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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 8-K on 02/07/2018
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we may decide to discontinue use of the system of book-entry transfers through DTC (or a successor securities depositary) with respect to the notes. We understand, however, that under current industry practices, DTC would notify its Direct and Indirect Participants of our decision, but will only withdraw beneficial interests from a global note at the request of each Direct or Indirect Participant. In that event, certificates for the notes will be printed and delivered to the applicable Direct or Indirect Participant.

The information in this section concerning DTC and DTC’s book-entry system has been obtained from sources that we believe to be reliable, but neither we nor any underwriter take any responsibility for the accuracy thereof. Neither we nor any underwriter have any responsibility for the performance by DTC or its Direct or Indirect Participants of their respective obligations as described herein or under the rules and procedures governing their respective operations.

Global Clearance and Settlement Procedures

Secondary market trading between Clearstream participants and/or Euroclear system participants will occur in the ordinary way in accordance with the applicable rules and operating procedures of Clearstream and the Euroclear system, as applicable. Cross-market transfers between persons holding directly or indirectly through DTC on the one hand, and directly or indirectly through Clearstream participants or Euroclear system participants on the other, will be effected through DTC in accordance with DTC rules on behalf of the relevant European international clearing system by its U.S. depositary; however, such cross-market transactions will require delivery of instructions to the relevant European international clearing system by the counterparty in such system in accordance with its rules and procedures and within its established deadlines (European time). The relevant European international clearing system will, if the transaction meets its settlement requirements, deliver instructions to its U.S. depositary to take action to effect final settlement on its behalf by delivering or receiving securities in DTC, and making or receiving payment in accordance with normal procedures for same-day funds settlement applicable to DTC. Clearstream participants and Euroclear system participants may not deliver instructions directly to their respective U.S. depositaries. Because of time-zone differences, credits of notes received in Clearstream or the Euroclear system as a result of a transaction with a DTC participant will be made during subsequent securities settlement processing and dated the business day following the DTC settlement date. Such credits or any transactions in such notes settled during such processing will be reported to the relevant Euroclear system participant or Clearstream participant on such business day. Cash received in Clearstream or the Euroclear system as a result of sales of the notes by or through a Clearstream participant or a Euroclear system participant to a DTC participant will be received with value on the DTC settlement date but will be available in the relevant Clearstream or the Euroclear system cash account only as of the business day following settlement in DTC.