Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 8-K on 02/07/2018
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encumbrance (“liens”) other than Permitted Liens (as defined below) upon any Principal Property (as defined below) or upon any shares of capital stock of any Subsidiary owning or leasing, either directly or through ownership in another Subsidiary, any Principal Property (a “Restricted Subsidiary”), whether owned or leased on the date of the Indenture or thereafter acquired, to secure any indebtedness for borrowed money (“debt”) of the Guarantor or the Issuer or any other person (other than the debt securities), without in any such case making effective provision whereby all of the debt securities outstanding shall be secured equally and ratably with, or prior to, such debt so long as such debt shall be so secured.

In the Indenture, the following terms are given the following meanings:

Consolidated Net Tangible Assets” means, at any date of determination, the total amount of assets of the Guarantor and its consolidated subsidiaries after deducting therefrom:

(1) all current liabilities (excluding (A) any current liabilities that by their terms are extendable or renewable at the option of the obligor thereon to a time more than 12 months after the time as of which the amount thereof is being computed, and (B) current maturities of long-term debt); and

(2) value (net of any applicable reserves) of all goodwill, trade names, trademarks, patents and other like intangible assets, all as set forth, or on a pro forma basis would be set forth, on the consolidated balance sheet of the Guarantor and its consolidated subsidiaries for the Guarantor’s most recently completed fiscal quarter, prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Permitted Liens” means:

(1) liens upon rights-of-way for pipeline purposes;

(2) any statutory or governmental lien or lien arising by operation of law, or any mechanics’, repairmen’s, materialmen’s, suppliers’, carriers’, landlords’, warehousemen’s or similar lien incurred in the ordinary course of business which is not yet due or which is being contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings and any undetermined lien which is incidental to construction, development, improvement or repair; or any right reserved to, or vested in, any municipality or public authority by the terms of any right, power, franchise, grant, license, permit or by any provision of law, to purchase or recapture or to designate a purchaser of, any property;

(3) liens for taxes and assessments which are (a) for the then current year, (b) not at the time delinquent, or (c) delinquent but the validity or amount of which is being contested at the time by the Guarantor or any Subsidiary in good faith by appropriate proceedings;

(4) liens of, or to secure performance of, leases, other than capital leases; or any lien securing industrial development, pollution control or similar revenue bonds;

(5) any lien upon property or assets acquired or sold by the Guarantor or any Subsidiary resulting from the exercise of any rights arising out of defaults on receivables;

(6) any lien in favor of the Guarantor or any Subsidiary; or any lien upon any property or assets of the Guarantor or any Subsidiary in existence on the date of the execution and delivery of the Indenture;

(7) any lien in favor of the United States of America or any state thereof, or any department, agency or instrumentality or political subdivision of the United States of America or any state thereof, to secure partial, progress, advance, or other payments pursuant to any contract or statute, or any debt incurred by the Guarantor or any Subsidiary for the purpose of financing all or any part of the purchase price of, or the cost of constructing, developing, repairing or improving, the property or assets subject to such lien;

(8) any lien incurred in the ordinary course of business in connection with workmen’s compensation, unemployment insurance, temporary disability, social security, retiree health or similar laws or regulations or to secure obligations imposed by statute or governmental regulations;