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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 424B5 on 02/02/2018
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The holders of the Parent Guarantor’s Senior Indebtedness will be entitled to receive payment in full of such Senior Indebtedness before holders of the notes receive from the Parent Guarantor any payment of principal, premium or interest with respect to the notes:


    upon any payment or distribution of the Parent Guarantor’s assets to its creditors in connection with the Parent Guarantor’s total or partial liquidation or dissolution; or


    in a bankruptcy, receivership or similar proceeding relating to the Parent Guarantor or its property.

In these circumstances, until the Parent Guarantor’s Senior Indebtedness is paid in full, any distribution to which holders of notes would otherwise be entitled under the Guarantee will be made to the holders of its Senior Indebtedness, except that such holders may receive equity securities and any debt securities that are subordinated to Senior Indebtedness to at least the same extent as the Guarantee.

If the Parent Guarantor does not pay any principal, premium or interest with respect to its Senior Indebtedness within any applicable grace period (including at maturity), or any other default on its Senior Indebtedness occurs and the maturity of such Senior Indebtedness is accelerated in accordance with its terms, the Parent Guarantor may not:


    make any payments under the Guarantee of principal, premium, if any, or interest with respect to the notes;


    make any deposit under the Guarantee for the purpose of defeasance of the notes; or


    advance monies under the Guarantee to repurchase, redeem or otherwise retire any of the notes,

unless, in any case,


    the default has been cured or waived and the declaration of acceleration has been rescinded;


    the Senior Indebtedness has been paid in full; or


    the Parent Guarantor and the Trustee receive written notice approving the payment from the representatives of each issue of Designated Senior Indebtedness (as defined below).

During the continuance of any Senior Indebtedness default, other than a default described in the immediately preceding paragraph, that may cause the maturity of any Designated Senior Indebtedness to be accelerated immediately without further notice, other than any notice required to effect such acceleration, or the expiration of any applicable grace periods, the Parent Guarantor may not make payments under the Guarantee for a period called the “Payment Blockage Period.” A Payment Blockage Period will commence on the receipt by the Parent Guarantor and the Trustee of written notice of the default, called a “Blockage Notice,” from the representative of any Designated Senior Indebtedness specifying an election to effect a Payment Blockage Period, and will expire 179 days thereafter.

Generally, “Designated Senior Indebtedness” will include any issue of Senior Indebtedness of at least $100 million and any issue of Senior Indebtedness designated by us or Enterprise Parent at the time of issuance as Designated Senior Indebtedness.

The Payment Blockage Period may be terminated before its expiration:


    by written notice from the person or persons who gave the Blockage Notice;


    by repayment in full in cash of the Senior Indebtedness with respect to which the Blockage Notice was given; or


    if the default giving rise to the Payment Blockage Period is no longer continuing.