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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 424B5 on 02/02/2018
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The following is a summary of the material provisions of our partnership agreement. Our amended and restated partnership agreement has been filed with the Commission. The following provisions of our partnership agreement are summarized elsewhere in this prospectus:


    distributions of our available cash are described under “Cash Distribution Policy”; and


    rights of holders of common units are described under “Description of Our Common Units.”

In addition, allocations of taxable income and other matters are described under “Material Tax Consequences” below in this prospectus.


Our purpose under our partnership agreement is to serve as a member of EPO, our primary operating subsidiary, and to engage in any business activities that may be engaged in by EPO or that are approved by our general partner. The limited liability company agreement of EPO provides that it may engage in any activity that was engaged in by our predecessors at the time of our initial public offering or reasonably related thereto and any other activity approved by our general partner.

Power of Attorney

Each limited partner, and each person who acquires a unit from a unitholder and executes and delivers a transfer application, grants to our general partner and, if appointed, a liquidator, a power of attorney to, among other things, execute and file documents required for our qualification, continuance or dissolution. The power of attorney also grants the authority for the amendment of, and to make consents and waivers under, our partnership agreement.

Voting Rights

Unitholders will not have voting rights except with respect to the following matters, for which our partnership agreement requires the approval of the holders of a majority of the common units, unless otherwise indicated:


    the merger of our partnership or a sale, exchange or other disposition of all or substantially all of our assets;


    the removal of our general partner (requires 60% of the outstanding common units, including common units held by our general partner and its affiliates);


    the election of a successor general partner;


    the dissolution of our partnership or the reconstitution of our partnership upon dissolution;


    approval of certain actions of our general partner (including the transfer by the general partner of its general partner interest under certain circumstances); and


    certain amendments to the partnership agreement, including any amendment that would cause us to be treated as an association taxable as a corporation.

Under the partnership agreement, our general partner generally will be permitted to effect, without the approval of unitholders, amendments to the partnership agreement that do not adversely affect unitholders.

Issuance of Additional Securities

Our partnership agreement authorizes us to issue an unlimited number of additional limited partner interests and other equity securities that are equal in rank with or junior to our common units on terms and conditions established by our general partner in its sole discretion without the approval of any limited partners.