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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 424B5 on 02/02/2018
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existing and future unsubordinated indebtedness of the Guarantor. The notes and each guarantee will effectively rank junior to any future indebtedness of the Issuer and the Guarantor that is both secured and unsubordinated to the extent of the assets securing such indebtedness, and the notes will effectively rank junior to all indebtedness and other liabilities of the Issuer’s subsidiaries that are not Subsidiary Guarantors.

On an as adjusted basis after giving effect to this offering, the concurrent subordinated notes offering and the application of the net proceeds therefrom, at September 30, 2017, the Issuer had approximately $25.04 billion principal amount of consolidated indebtedness, including $21.85 billion in senior notes and $3.19 billion of junior subordinated notes, outstanding under the Base Indenture and a similar indenture, and the Parent Guarantor had no indebtedness (excluding guarantees totaling $25.03 billion principal amount), in each case excluding intercompany loans. Please read “Capitalization.”

Parent Guarantee

The Parent Guarantor will fully and unconditionally guarantee to each holder and the Trustee, on an unsecured and unsubordinated basis, the full and prompt payment of principal of, premium, if any, and interest on the notes, when and as the same become due and payable, whether at stated maturity, upon redemption, by declaration of acceleration or otherwise.

Potential Guarantee of Notes by Subsidiaries

Initially, the notes will not be guaranteed by any of our Subsidiaries. In the future, however, if our Subsidiaries become guarantors or co-obligors of our Funded Debt (as defined below), then these Subsidiaries will jointly and severally, fully and unconditionally, guarantee our payment obligations under the notes. We refer to any such Subsidiaries as “Subsidiary Guarantors” and sometimes to such guarantees as “Subsidiary Guarantees.” Each Subsidiary Guarantor will execute a supplement to the Indenture to effect its guarantee.

The obligations of each Guarantor under its guarantee of the notes will be limited to the maximum amount that will not result in the obligations of the Guarantor under the guarantee constituting a fraudulent conveyance or fraudulent transfer under federal or state law, after giving effect to:


    all other contingent and fixed liabilities of the Guarantor; and


    any collection from or payments made by or on behalf of any other Guarantor in respect of the obligations of such other Guarantor under its guarantee.

“Funded Debt” means all Indebtedness maturing one year or more from the date of the creation thereof, all Indebtedness directly or indirectly renewable or extendible, at the option of the debtor, by its terms or by the terms of any instrument or agreement relating thereto, to a date one year or more from the date of the creation thereof, and all Indebtedness under a revolving credit or similar agreement obligating the lender or lenders to extend credit over a period of one year or more.

Addition and Release of Subsidiary Guarantors

The guarantee of any Guarantor may be released under certain circumstances. If we exercise our legal or covenant defeasance option with respect to debt securities of either series as described in the accompanying prospectus under “Description of Debt Securities—Defeasance and Discharge,” then any guarantee will be released with respect to that series. Further, if no Default has occurred and is continuing under the Indenture, a Subsidiary Guarantor will be unconditionally released and discharged from its guarantee:


    automatically upon any sale, exchange or transfer, whether by way of merger or otherwise, to any person that is not our affiliate, of all of the Parent Guarantor’s direct or indirect limited partnership or other equity interests in the Subsidiary Guarantor;