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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 424B3 on 02/01/2018
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In the event of any legal defeasance, holders of the debt securities of the relevant series would be entitled to look only to the trust fund for payment of principal of and any premium and interest on their debt securities until maturity.

Although the amount of money and U.S. Government Obligations on deposit with the Trustee would be intended to be sufficient to pay amounts due on the debt securities of a defeased series at the time of their stated maturity, if the Issuer exercises its covenant defeasance option for the debt securities of any series and the debt securities are declared due and payable because of the occurrence of an Event of Default, such amount may not be sufficient to pay amounts due on the debt securities of that series at the time of the acceleration resulting from such Event of Default. The Issuer would remain liable for such payments, however.

In addition, the Issuer may discharge all its obligations under the Indenture with respect to debt securities of any series, other than its obligation to register the transfer of and exchange notes of that series, provided that it either:


    delivers all outstanding debt securities of that series to the Trustee for cancellation; or


    all such debt securities not so delivered for cancellation have either become due and payable or will become due and payable at their stated maturity within one year or are called for redemption within one year, and in the case of this bullet point the Issuer has deposited with the Trustee in trust an amount of cash sufficient to pay the entire indebtedness of such debt securities, including interest to the stated maturity or applicable redemption date.


Debt securities of a series may be subordinated to our Senior Indebtedness, which we define generally to include all notes or other evidences of indebtedness for money borrowed by the Issuer, including guarantees, that are not expressly subordinate or junior in right of payment to any other indebtedness of the Issuer. Subordinated debt securities and the Guarantor’s guarantee thereof will be subordinate in right of payment, to the extent and in the manner set forth in the Indenture and the prospectus supplement relating to such series, to the prior payment of all indebtedness of the Issuer and Guarantor that is designated as “Senior Indebtedness” with respect to the series.

The holders of Senior Indebtedness of the Issuer will receive payment in full of the Senior Indebtedness before holders of subordinated debt securities will receive any payment of principal, premium or interest with respect to the subordinated debt securities:


    upon any payment of distribution of our assets of the Issuer to its creditors;


    upon a total or partial liquidation or dissolution of the Issuer; or


    in a bankruptcy, receivership or similar proceeding relating to the Issuer or its property.

Until the Senior Indebtedness is paid in full, any distribution to which holders of subordinated debt securities would otherwise be entitled will be made to the holders of Senior Indebtedness, except that such holders may receive units representing limited partner interests and any debt securities that are subordinated to Senior Indebtedness to at least the same extent as the subordinated debt securities.

If the Issuer does not pay any principal, premium or interest with respect to Senior Indebtedness within any applicable grace period (including at maturity), or any other default on Senior Indebtedness occurs and the maturity of the Senior Indebtedness is accelerated in accordance with its terms, the Issuer may not:


    make any payments of principal, premium, if any, or interest with respect to subordinated debt securities;


    make any deposit for the purpose of defeasance of the subordinated debt securities; or