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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 424B3 on 02/01/2018
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Distributions of Available Cash

General. Within approximately 45 days after the end of each quarter, we distribute all of our available cash to unitholders of record on the applicable record date.

Definition of Available Cash. Available cash is defined in our partnership agreement and generally means, with respect to any calendar quarter, all cash on hand at the end of such quarter:


    less the amount of cash reserves that is necessary or appropriate in the reasonable discretion of the general partner to:


    provide for the proper conduct of our business (including reserves for our future capital expenditures and for our future credit needs) subsequent to such quarter;


    comply with applicable law or any loan agreement, security agreement, mortgage, debt instrument or other agreement or obligation to which we are a party or to which we are bound or our assets are subject; or


    provide funds for distributions to unitholders in respect of any one or more of the next four quarters;


    plus all cash on hand on the date of determination of available cash for the quarter resulting from working capital borrowings made after the end of the quarter or certain interim capital transactions after the end of such quarter designated by our general partner as operating surplus in accordance with the partnership agreement. Working capital borrowings are generally borrowings that are made under our credit facilities and in all cases are used solely for working capital purposes or to pay distributions to partners.

Distributions of Cash Upon Liquidation

If we dissolve in accordance with our partnership agreement, we will sell or otherwise dispose of our assets in a process called a liquidation. We will first apply the proceeds of liquidation to the payment of our creditors in the order of priority provided in the partnership agreement and by law and, thereafter, we will distribute any remaining proceeds to the unitholders in accordance with their respective capital account balances as so adjusted.

Manner of Adjustments for Gain. The manner of the adjustment is set forth in the partnership agreement. Upon our liquidation, we will allocate any net gain (or unrealized gain attributable to assets distributed in kind to the partners) as follows:


    first, to the unitholders having negative balances in their capital accounts to the extent of and in proportion to such negative balances; and


    second, to the unitholders, pro rata.

Manner of Adjustments for Losses. Upon our liquidation, any net loss will generally be allocated to the unitholders as follows:


    first, to the unitholders in proportion to the positive balances in their respective capital accounts, until the capital accounts of the unitholders have been reduced to zero; and


    second, to the unitholders, pro rata.

Adjustments to Capital Accounts. In addition, interim adjustments to capital accounts will be made at the time we issue additional partnership interests or make distributions of property. Such adjustments will be based on the fair market value of the partnership interests or the property distributed and any gain or loss resulting therefrom will be allocated to the unitholders in the same manner as gain or loss is allocated upon liquidation.