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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 424B3 on 02/01/2018
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Bearer Securities will bear a legend to the following effect: “Any United States person who holds this obligation will be subject to limitations under the United States federal income tax laws, including the limitations provided in Sections 165(j) and 1287(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.” The sections referred to in the legend provide that, with certain exceptions, a United States taxpayer who holds Bearer Securities will not be allowed to deduct any loss with respect to, and will not be eligible for capital gain treatment with respect to any gain realized on the sale, exchange, redemption or other disposition of, the Bearer Securities.

For this purpose, “United States” includes the United States of America and its possessions, and “United States person” means a citizen or resident of the United States, a corporation, partnership or other entity created or organized in or under the laws of the United States, or an estate or trust the income of which is subject to United States federal income taxation regardless of its source.

Pending the availability of a definitive global security or individual Bearer Securities, as the case may be, debt securities that are issuable as Bearer Securities may initially be represented by a single temporary global security, without interest coupons, to be deposited with a common depositary for the Euroclear System as operated by Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V. (“Euroclear”) and Clearstream Banking S.A. (“Clearstream”, formerly Cedelbank), for credit to the accounts designated by or on behalf of the purchasers thereof. Following the availability of a definitive global security in bearer form, without coupons attached, or individual Bearer Securities and subject to any further limitations described in the applicable prospectus supplement, the temporary global security will be exchangeable for interests in the definitive global security or for the individual Bearer Securities, respectively, only upon receipt of a “Certificate of Non-U.S. Beneficial Ownership,” which is a certificate to the effect that a beneficial interest in a temporary global security is owned by a person that is not a United States Person or is owned by or through a financial institution in compliance with applicable United States Treasury regulations. No Bearer Security will be delivered in or to the United States. If so specified in the applicable prospectus supplement, interest on a temporary global security will be paid to each of Euroclear and Clearstream with respect to that portion of the temporary global security held for its account, but only upon receipt as of the relevant interest payment date of a Certificate of Non-U.S. Beneficial Ownership.

No Recourse Against General Partner

The Guarantor’s general partner and its directors, officers, employees and members, as such, shall have no liability for any obligations of the Issuer or the Guarantor under the debt securities, the Indenture or the guarantee or for any claim based on, in respect of, or by reason of, such obligations or their creation. Each holder by accepting a note waives and releases all such liability. The waiver and release are part of the consideration for issuance of the debt securities. Such waiver may not be effective to waive liabilities under the federal securities laws, and it is the view of the Commission that such a waiver is against public policy.

Concerning the Trustee

The Indenture contains certain limitations on the right of the Trustee, should it become our creditor, to obtain payment of claims in certain cases, or to realize for its own account on certain property received in respect of any such claim as security or otherwise. The Trustee is permitted to engage in certain other transactions. However, if it acquires any conflicting interest within the meaning of the Trust Indenture Act, it must eliminate the conflict or resign as Trustee.

The holders of a majority in principal amount of all outstanding debt securities (or if more than one series of debt securities under the Indenture is affected thereby, all series so affected, voting as a single class) will have the right to direct the time, method and place of conducting any proceeding for exercising any remedy or power available to the Trustee for the debt securities or all such series so affected.

If an Event of Default occurs and is not cured under the Indenture and is known to the Trustee, the Trustee shall exercise such of the rights and powers vested in it by the Indenture and use the same degree of care and skill