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    a marine transportation business that operates primarily on the United States inland and Intracoastal Waterway systems.

Our assets currently include approximately: 50,000 miles of pipelines; 260 million barrels (“MMBbls”) of storage capacity for NGLs, crude oil, petrochemicals and refined products; and 14 billion cubic feet (“Bcf”) of natural gas storage capacity. In addition, our asset portfolio includes 27 natural gas processing plants, 22 NGL and propylene fractionators, a butane isomerization complex, NGL import and LPG and ethane export terminals, a refined products export terminal, and octane enhancement and high-purity isobutylene production facilities.

For the year ended December 31, 2016 and the nine months ended September 30, 2017, Enterprise Parent had consolidated revenues of $23.0 billion and $20.8 billion, respectively, operating income of $3.6 billion and $2.8 billion, respectively, and net income of $2.6 billion and $2.1 billion, respectively. See “—Recent Developments” for condensed financial highlights regarding our fourth quarter and fiscal year 2017 results (unaudited).

Our principal executive offices, including those of Enterprise Parent, are located at 1100 Louisiana Street, 10th Floor, Houston, Texas 77002, and our and Enterprise Parent’s telephone number is (713) 381-6500. Enterprise Parent’s website address is www.enterpriseproducts.com. Information on our website or any other website is not incorporated by reference herein and does not constitute a part of this prospectus.

Our Business Segments

We currently have four reportable business segments: (i) NGL Pipelines & Services; (ii) Crude Oil Pipelines & Services; (iii) Natural Gas Pipelines & Services; and (iv) Petrochemical & Refined Products Services. Our business segments are generally organized and managed according to the types of services rendered (or technologies employed) and products produced and/or sold. We provide midstream energy services directly and through our subsidiaries and unconsolidated affiliates.

NGL Pipelines & Services. Our NGL Pipelines & Services business segment includes our (i) natural gas processing plants and related NGL marketing activities; (ii) approximately 19,560 miles of NGL pipelines; (iii) NGL and related product storage facilities; and (iv) NGL fractionation. This segment also includes our NGL export docks and related operations. Purity NGL products (ethane, propane, normal butane, isobutane and natural gasoline) are used as feedstocks by the petrochemical industry, as feedstocks by refineries in the production of motor gasoline and as fuel by industrial and residential consumers.

Crude Oil Pipelines & Services. Our Crude Oil Pipelines & Services business segment includes approximately 5,780 miles of crude oil pipelines and related operations, crude oil storage and marine terminals located in Oklahoma and Texas, and our crude oil marketing activities. This segment also includes a fleet of approximately 495 tractor-trailer tank trucks, the majority of which we lease and operate, that are used to transport crude oil for us and third parties.

Natural Gas Pipelines & Services. Our Natural Gas Pipelines & Services business segment includes approximately 19,710 miles of natural gas pipeline systems that provide for the gathering and transportation of natural gas in Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming. We lease underground salt dome natural gas storage facilities located in Texas and Louisiana and own an underground salt dome storage cavern in Texas, all of which are important to our natural gas pipeline operations. This segment also includes our related natural gas marketing activities.

Petrochemical & Refined Products Services. Our Petrochemical & Refined Products Services business segment includes: (i) propylene fractionation and related operations, including approximately 795 miles of