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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 424B3 on 02/01/2018
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directly or indirectly in, us, Enterprise Parent or such general partners or against any of their respective past, present or future directors, managers, officers, employees, agents, members or partners. In addition, holders of the notes by their purchase and holding thereof acknowledge the separateness of us, Enterprise Parent and our respective general partners from each other and from any other persons, including Enterprise GP Holdings L.P. and its affiliates and EPCO, Inc. and its affiliates and that we, Enterprise Parent and our respective general partners have assets and liabilities that are separate from those of other persons, including Enterprise GP Holdings L.P. and its affiliates and EPCO Inc. and its affiliates.

Events of Default

The following are the “Events of Default” with respect to the notes, which are modified from the events of default described in the accompanying prospectus:


    failure to pay principal of, or premium, if any, on or interest on the notes when due at maturity or earlier redemption;


    failure to pay interest on the notes (including Additional Interest) when due and payable (other than at maturity or upon earlier redemption) that continues for 30 days (subject to our right to optionally defer interest payments); or


    certain events of bankruptcy, insolvency or reorganization involving us or Enterprise Parent.

With respect to the notes, the term “Default” means the following event: default in the performance or breach of any covenant or warranty of us in the Indenture (other than (i) a covenant or warranty a default in whose performance or whose breach is addressed in the preceding paragraph or (ii) certain other covenants and warranties inapplicable to the notes), and continuance of such default or breach for a period of 90 days after specified written notice to us by the Trustee, or to us and the Trustee by the holders of at least 25% in principal amount of the outstanding notes.

Upon the occurrence and continuance of a Default, the Trustee and the holders of the notes will have the same rights and remedies, and will be subject to the same limitations, restrictions, protections and exculpations, and we will be subject to the same obligations and restrictions, in each case, as would apply if such Default were an Event of Default or an event which after notice or lapse of time or both would become an Event of Default; provided that the principal of and accrued interest on the notes may not be declared immediately due and payable by reason of the occurrence and continuation of a Default, and any notice of declaration or acceleration based on such Default will be null and void with respect to the notes; provided, further that in case a Default has occurred and is continuing, the Trustee will not be subject to the requirement to exercise, with respect to the notes, the same degree of care as a prudent individual would exercise in the conduct of his or her own affairs, unless an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing.

Parent Guarantee

The Parent Guarantor will fully and unconditionally guarantee on an unsecured and junior subordinated basis the full and prompt payment of principal of, premium, if any, and interest on the notes, when and as the same become due and payable (other than during an Optional Deferral Period), whether at stated maturity, upon redemption, by declaration of acceleration or otherwise. The Parent Guarantor’s obligations under such guarantee (the “Guarantee”) will, to the extent provided in the Indenture, be subordinated to the prior payment in full of all present and future Senior Indebtedness of the Parent Guarantor, as defined below. The Parent Guarantor’s obligations under the Guarantee will rank senior in right of payment to all of its present and future equity securities, including its common units.