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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form 424B3 on 02/01/2018
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Optional Deferral Period, the accrued interest will be paid to the holder of record on the record date, and the holder will never receive the cash from us related to the accrued interest that was reported for tax purposes. Holders should consult with their own tax advisor regarding the tax consequences of an investment in the notes.

For more information regarding the tax consequences of purchasing the notes, see “Certain U.S. Federal Income Tax Consequences.”

An active trading market for the notes may not develop, and any such market may be illiquid.

The notes constitute a new issue of securities with no established trading market. We do not intend to apply to list the notes on any securities exchange. The liquidity of any trading market in the notes that may develop, and the market prices quoted therefor, may be adversely affected by changes in the overall market for this type of security and by changes in our financial performance or prospects or in the prospects for companies in our industry generally. As a result, we cannot assure holders that an active after-market for the notes will develop or be sustained or that holders of the notes will be able to sell their notes at favorable prices or at all.

Rating agencies may change their practices for rating the notes, which change may affect the market price of the notes. In addition, we may redeem the notes if a rating agency makes certain changes in the equity credit methodology for securities such as the notes.

The rating agencies that currently or may in the future publish a rating for us, including Moody’s Investors Service, Inc., S&P Global Ratings and Fitch Ratings, Inc., may, from time to time in the future, change the way they analyze securities with features similar to the notes. This may include, for example, changes to the relationship between ratings assigned to an issuer’s senior securities and ratings assigned to securities with features similar to the notes. If the rating agencies change their practices for rating these types of securities in the future, and the ratings of the notes are subsequently lowered, that could have a negative impact on the trading price of the notes. In addition, we may redeem the notes before         , 20     at our option, in whole, but not in part, if a rating agency makes certain changes in the equity credit methodology for securities such as the notes. See “Description of the Notes—Right to Redeem Upon a Rating Agency Event” in this prospectus supplement.

Uncertainty relating to the LIBOR calculation process and potential phasing out of LIBOR after 2021 may adversely affect the value of the notes.

Regulators and law enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom and elsewhere are conducting civil and criminal investigations into whether the banks that contribute to the British Bankers’ Association (the “BBA”) in connection with the calculation of daily LIBOR may have been underreporting or otherwise manipulating or attempting to manipulate LIBOR. A number of BBA member banks have entered into settlements with their regulators and law enforcement agencies with respect to this alleged manipulation of LIBOR.

Actions by the BBA, regulators or law enforcement agencies may result in changes to the manner in which LIBOR is determined or the establishment of alternative reference rates. For example, on July 27, 2017, the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority announced that it intends to stop persuading or compelling banks to submit LIBOR rates after 2021. At this time, it is not possible to predict the effect of any such changes, any establishment of alternative reference rates or any other reforms to LIBOR that may be enacted in the United Kingdom or elsewhere. Uncertainty as to the nature of such potential changes, alternative reference rates or other reforms may adversely affect the trading market for LIBOR-based securities, including the notes.

Under the terms of the notes, the interest rate for each interest period during the Floating Rate Period is based on Three-Month LIBOR Rate. If the calculation agent is unable to determine Three-Month LIBOR Rate based on screen-based reporting of that base rate, and if the Calculation Agent is also unable to obtain suitable quotations for Three-Month LIBOR Rate from reference banks, then the Calculation Agent will determine three-month LIBOR after consulting such sources as it deems comparable or reasonable. In addition, if the