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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form S-3DPOS on 12/14/2017
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1. How can I participate in the Plan?

If you are a current holder of record, or registered holder, of our common units, you may participate directly in the Plan. If you own common units that are registered in someone else’s name (for example, a bank, broker or trustee), the Plan allows you to participate through such person, should they elect to participate, without having to withdraw your common units from such bank, broker or trustee. If your broker or bank elects not to participate in the Plan on your behalf, you can participate by withdrawing your common units from such bank or broker and registering your common units in your name.

2. How do I get started?

If you are a registered holder of our common units, once you have read this prospectus, you can get started by enrolling in the Plan online at shareowneronline.com, or by completing the enclosed Enrollment Form and mailing it to the Administrator in the envelope provided. Your participation will begin promptly after your authorization is received. Once you have enrolled, your participation continues automatically, as long as you wish. If you own common units that are registered in someone else’s name (for example a bank, broker or trustee), then you should contact such person to arrange for them to participate in the Plan on your behalf.

3. How are distributions reinvested?

By enrolling in the Plan, you direct the Administrator to apply distributions to the purchase of additional common units in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Plan. You may elect to reinvest all or a portion of your distributions in additional common units. The Administrator will invest distributions in whole and fractional common units on the quarterly distribution payment date (the investment date). No interest will be paid on funds held by the Administrator pending investment.

If the Administrator receives your Enrollment Form on or before the record date for the payment of the next distribution, the amount of the distribution that you elect to be reinvested will be invested in additional common units for your Plan account. If the Enrollment Form is received in the period after any distribution record date, that distribution will be paid by check or automatic deposit to a bank account that you designate and your initial distribution reinvestment will commence with the following distribution.

You may change your distribution reinvestment election at any time by accessing your account online at www.shareowneronline.com, by telephone or by notifying the Administrator in writing. To be effective with respect to a particular distribution, any such change must be received by the Administrator on or before the record date for that distribution.

4. What reinvestment options are provided under the Plan?

When you enroll, you may choose one of the following options regarding cash distributions paid on your common units:


    Full Distribution Reinvestment: Distributions on all units of our common units registered in your name will be reinvested in additional units of our common units.



Partial Distribution Reinvestment: A portion of your cash distribution will be paid to you in cash, and the remainder will automatically be reinvested to purchase additional units. To do this, you must specify the number of whole units on which you wish to receive cash distributions. You may choose to have these cash distributions directly deposited to your designated U.S. bank account instead of receiving a check by mail. For direct deposit of cash distributions, contact the Administrator to request an authorization for electronic direct deposit form, complete and return the form to Wells Fargo