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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form S-3DPOS on 12/14/2017
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Plan Overview

The Plan offers a simple, convenient and no-cost way for owners of our common units to invest all or a portion of their cash distributions in our common units. The Plan is designed for long-term investors who wish to invest and build their common unit ownership over time. Unlike an individual brokerage account, the timing of purchases is subject to the provisions of the Plan. The principal terms and conditions of the Plan are summarized in this prospectus under “— Commonly Asked Questions” below.

We have appointed Wells Fargo Shareowner Services, or the “Administrator,” to administer the Plan, and certain administrative support will be provided to the Administrator by its designated affiliates. Together, the Administrator and its affiliates will purchase and hold common units for Plan participants, keep records, send statements and perform other duties required by the Plan.

Only registered holders of our common units can participate directly in the Plan. If you are a beneficial owner of common units in a brokerage account and wish to reinvest your distributions, you can make arrangements with your broker or nominee to participate in the Plan on your behalf, or you can request that your common units become registered in your name.

Please read this entire prospectus for a more detailed description of the Plan. If you are a registered holder of our common units and would like to participate in the Plan, you can enroll online via Shareowner Online, or by completing the enclosed Enrollment Form and mailing it to the Administrator in the envelope provided.