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ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS L P filed this Form S-3DPOS on 12/14/2017
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11. How can I withdraw from the Plan?

If you are a registered holder of our common units, you may discontinue the reinvestment of your distributions at any time by providing notice to the Administrator. In addition, you may change your distribution election by accessing your account online at shareowneronline.com. To be effective for a particular distribution payment, the Administrator must receive notice on or before the record date for that distribution. In addition, you may request that all or part of your common units be sold. When your common units are sold through the Administrator, you will receive the proceeds less applicable service and processing fees. See Addendum A.

If you are a beneficial owner of our common units and you are participating in the Plan through your broker, you should direct your broker to discontinue participation in the Plan on your behalf.

If you dispose of all the common units registered in your name, but do not give notice of withdrawal to the Administrator, the Administrator will continue to reinvest the cash distributions on any common units held in your account under the Plan until the Administrator is notified otherwise.

Generally, an owner of common units may again become a participant in the Plan. However, we reserve the right to reject the enrollment of a previous participant in the Plan on grounds of excessive joining and termination. This reservation is intended to minimize administrative expense and to encourage use of the Plan as a long-term investment service.

12. How will my common units be held under the Plan?

If you are a registered holder of our common units and you are directly participating in the Plan, the common units that you acquire under the Plan will be maintained in your Plan account in non-certificated form for safekeeping. Safekeeping protects your common units against physical loss, theft or accidental destruction and also provides a convenient way for you to keep track of your common units. Only common units held in safekeeping may be sold through the Plan.

If you own common units in certificated form, you may deposit your certificates for those common units with the Administrator. Certificates should be delivered to the Administrator at 1110 Centre Pointe Curve, Mendota Heights, MN 55120-4100 by United States Post Office registered mail, a national courier service or other receipted delivery service. Please be advised that choosing registered, express or certified mail alone will not protect you should your certificates become lost or stolen.

As the Administrator, Wells Fargo Shareowner Services can provide low-cost loss insurance for certificates being returned for conversion to book-entry form. Mail loss insurance covers the cost of the replacement surety bond only. Replacement transaction fees may also apply. To take advantage of the optional mail loss insurance, simply include your $10.00 check, made payable to WFSS Surety Program, along with your certificates and instructions.

To qualify for this service you must choose to use an accountable mail delivery service such as Federal Express, United Parcel Service, DHL, Express Mail, Purolator, TNT or United States Postal Service Registered Mail. Any one shipping package may not contain certificates exceeding a total value of $100,000.

The value of certificate units is based on the closing market price of our common units on the trading day prior to the documented mail date. Claims related to lost certificates under this service must be made within 60 days of the documented delivery service mail date. This is specific coverage for the purpose of converting certificated units to book-entry form and the surety is not intended to cover certificates being tendered for certificate breakdown or exchange for other certificates.